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Subject: I check in from time to time.

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Actually it was eight years ago that this place was teeming with musings and brawls.  I started some of them.  I remember someone asking around 2008 if we thought obama would be good for the arts.  Come to find out he wasn't good for anyone or the arts.  
Posts declined drastically after he was elected.  Geez this country has been in a funk since he's been president.

I'm no fan of Trump and I'm a conservative Republican but boy do I feel better obama's leaving.  Eight years of renewed racism and hate for our police.  The lunacy of letting men use women's bathrooms.  Totally screwing up the best health care system in the world.  Pushing a scare tactic of global warming for control of how we live.  I've created only three pictures since 2008.  Wasn't in the mood.  Now I'm excited to be starting a new one.  New hope for real hope I guess.  I feel better now.
Hmmm...this is how brawls start.  Give me your best shot.  Maybe we can get a conversation going here again.  I miss you guys.
Merry Christmas pilgrims...jim

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