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Subject: How does someone buy my artwork?

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Posted On:  9/12/2001 8:11 PM  (Updated on 2/10/2009 11:05 AM by troy) 0 Replies

Potential buyers can contact you directly by clicking on the Contact Seller button under each of your art pieces. However, it is much simpler for them to buy it right on the web.

Your art pieces in the Fine Art Marketplace integrate directly with Paypal and Google Checkout. This allows your clients to use a credit card and feel comfortable that their transaction is being secured by a large company that safely performs millions of transactions. It also allows you to keep your own client. Additionally, if you have another website with it's own shopping cart, you can link your art piece directly to your own shopping cart.

Buyers can also make Private Bids on your art pieces. This is simply a private offer to you that is lower than your original asking price. You are not required to accept it. This allows a back and forth negotiation until an agreed upon price is determined. After a price (and shipping price) is reached, buyers can checkout with Paypal or Google Checkout as normal.

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