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Looking for artists for gallery show
Looking for new artists to include in gallery shows in our Westchester NY based gallery. Contact us with description of your work.
 Lastest-- go to to see detailed examples of the work

29 10/5/2000 1:44 PM
by scottshafran
Gallery Seeking Artists
The Hicks Gallery is searching for artists of all styles to sell through our online gallery as well as our brick and mortar location. Gallery 25% Artist 75%. We are seeking high qu ...
 Lastest-- All pictures original. To many there are estimated certificates, all works ...

17 6/15/2005 3:52 PM
by lisa277
Agent Seeking Serious Artists
Hello, We are currently accepting submissions for representation with Barb Niles Studios International. If you would like to submit your portfolio, please do so, electronic subm ...
 Lastest-- their web site is no longer working 

17 2/19/2010 3:42 PM
by herviewphotography
Looking for artists that would like Promotion
we are looking for all kinds of artists that we can fill our website and begin doing promotion for them we have 15 spaces left in some sections this site has just started up 4 days ...
 Lastest-- check out my website,please,www.catsart4u.c...

9 9/29/2000 5:30 PM
by catsart
10 Top World Artists Invitational Show
ArtistsOwnRegistry and Gallery are putting together an exhibition of some of the worlds finest talents.5 berth are taken and 5 are open to your suggestions. Each artist will have ...
 Lastest-- see us under MEPS MILLENNIUM here!

7 6/23/2000 4:42 AM
Welcome to London's premier international art portal!
Hi everyone! My name is Rob Parker and I work for an exciting art company ArtLondon.Com Ltd. I'd like to invite all artists to apply to be featured at our website, popular wi ...
 Lastest-- Please visit at my site Thanks, Andrey

6 12/10/2002 6:50 AM
by andsmol
***Talented Artists Wanted***
If you are looking for a place to sell your artwork, check out! We are currently recruiting artists of all media for our virtual arts and crafts festival. ...
 Lastest-- Lookin for an open door!

6 9/29/2000 5:06 PM
by catsart
We are in the stage of reviewing art work and Artists work for our ON-LINE Fine Art Gallery. You may submit work via e-mail with jpeg photos, price, medium, size, short bio, addres ...
 Lastest-- I'm interested in your message. Send me more information on what your program is all about at my e-m ...

5 10/2/2000 11:21 AM
Emerging artists wanted
Regarding the message about New Italian Site: A new italian site is under construction, which will promote emerging artists from all over the world. Any artist interested, e ...
 Lastest-- Artist Matt & Abril Griffith Specialize in Surreal Gothic Themes

5 11/21/2005 2:04 AM
by zachiel
Artists Fred and Edith Nagler
NYC artists Fred and Edith Nagler were summer neighbors of mine in the Berkshires. Fred was called the foremost religious sculptor in the US in the mid to late 20th century ...
 Lastest-- The Naglers were relatives of mine too. Edith Kroger was an older sister to my grandmother, Freda Kr ...

5 12/29/2004 12:34 PM
by baldwin
Do online fine craft galleries succeed?
I am a freguent buyer of fine american crafts, usually contemporary ceramic and glass art. I am interested in determining whether the online craft galleries translate web presence ...
 Lastest-- We've been operating an online art gallery since early this year. The hits are certainly becoming en ...

5 8/17/1999 12:52 AM
by ClickArt
Art specialists sell your painting, sculpture, glass, seeks artists.
Major Web-Based Online Art Gallery Accepting Arists to Feature. Seeking quality artists to feature on our front pages. We will feature AND sell your art for you! We are ...
 Lastest-- Please send me more information about selling my work with you. My web site is www.lauralivingston ...

5 1/14/2009 2:41 PM
by lauralivingston
Internet Gallery Seeking Emerging Artists/Art Services is searching for artists & photographers of all styles to display and/or sell through our emerging online gallery. If you would like to sell, we prefer pieces un ...
 Lastest-- I can participate ?

4 9/2/2000 3:20 AM
by dinu31
Are you an artist? Submit your art related website!
Submit your site to our rapidly growing CHURN Art Directory! Search your favorite art, rate listed websites or submit your art-related site! Enjoy! ...
 Lastest-- Hello All, We have just put up our new artist of the month for February 02 ! Her work i ...

4 2/1/2002 8:35 PM
by mariafg
I am LOOKing For my next feature Artist of the Month! DO YOU WANT FREE...
HI all, As many of you know I profile a New Artist Each Month on my site ! I am currently Looking for May, June, July etc You Can be artist or fine Crafts person ! If yo ...
 Lastest-- Hello all My site has been doing great on the featured Artist of the month and we are working on nex ...

4 9/14/2002 11:45 PM
by mariafg
Help Finding
I am looking for works done by an Artist named Foussa Itaya. I am unable to find anything on the internet. If you could help me out please comtact me at I wou ...
 Lastest-- hmm I did a search on this artist and found over 204 listings. What are you looking for that you cou ...

3 1/19/2006 5:47 PM
by HouseofCachet
Looking for Rep. or gallery for artworks, limited ed. prints and open ...
Artist working in watercolors, acrylic and oils is looking for a gallery or art rep. Live in NC do mt. heritage quilt,landscapes, florals, scenes of Savannah and poetry. Have sig ...
 Lastest-- Join us @ send us your url to ...

3 1/22/2003 7:22 AM
by Ickenox
Anyone using the Artists Portfolio Creator?
Hello, Is anybody using the Artists Portfolio Creator (http://www.artists-portfolio-... ) for gallery submissions? It looks interesting, has anybody had feedback from ga ...
 Lastest-- Thought it seemed interesting. Thanks for sharing it. And yes, I will be shipping it out as soon as ...

3 2/18/2009 12:42 AM
by misssbarbie
Ball Point Pen Art Movement
BALLPOINT PEN ART MOVEMENT Greetings, this is Jerry Stith or the founder of an American folk
 Lastest-- Extraordinary subtle detailing I brilliant example of an extra fine ballpoint pen t ...

2 6/11/2010 11:19 PM
by jerrystith
Fine Art Registry?!?!
Has anyone ever heard of Fine Art Registry? I have been looking at their site for registering my pieces that I have purchased and they seem pretty promising ...

2 7/3/2008 10 PM
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