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Body of Work Study and Biography
RH Palenske is/was my husband's grandfather. We are working with several museums and are in the process of archiving RH's body of work as well as his personal correspondence and f ...
 Lastest-- I have five 10 in. by 12 in. black and white prints that I would like to sell.  The titles ar ...

15 8/15/2008 4:43 PM
by mercierdotty
Welcome Message
This is the message board for Reinhold H. Palenske. Here you can discuss the works, the future prospects of the artist, or the listings of the artist in dART. This board is not co ...
 Lastest-- I have a work called "'Kings' of the Turf" which consists of a large sketch of the head of ...

2 9/26/2007 6 PM
by SharonR
Reinhold H. Palenske
I am looking for a complete listing of the works of this American artist (1884 - 1954). Does anyone know of any recent articles? He was an early illustrator of Kentucky Derby winne ...
 Lastest-- I recently received an etching of Greyhound, World Champion Trotter. It is a beautiful piece of work ...

De Lorian
7 9/6/2006 5:29 PM
by pearliemae
R. H Palenske Gold Etch Prints
My wife's grandfather (an artist himself) had a folder of prints that we inherited, labeled "the Sportsmen's Portfolio of Gold Etch Prints" by R.H.Palenske. There is a b ...
 Lastest-- i would be interested in the prints and knowing the price. please email me at rick.watson@osullivan. ...

1 5/21/2004 7:34 AM
by bloucw
who's art is it
I have a copy of R H Planske print called and he still loves horses. I was sitting in Billings Livestock Commission (BLS) resteraunt,in Billings Montana, yesterday and low and beh ...

0 2/6/2004 1:21 PM
Wrong Title on Sketch
I was born on the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana, and just recently started to obtain additional Palenske sketches/prints. One of my Palenske sketches that my father ac ...

0 1/5/2004 5:22 PM
'Moving Up'
Hello, I have recently aquired a sketch titled, 'Moving Up' by RH Palenske. It is a western that depicts pack horses making their way up a mountain side with what looks to be ...

0 4/17/2003 1:41 AM
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