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Ethan Harris

Ethan Harris  Artwork
The Gyft of Gab
Ethan Harris

Original Paintings - $115.00

Being Sold by epharris
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An alarmist gabbin' away at the party, seems like when we don't have any real trouble in our lives of luxury, we still tend to make problems up to fill the void, strange apes...

I have been doodling since I was little - filling drawing books with badly drawn horses and beasts from dark worlds, and pretty good bunnies too. Drawing and painting for me now is a mental retreat. I've got it all here: I'm addicted to the feeling of peace I get when everything else in my mind turns off and I am focusing on what my brain, hand and pencil are collaborating on, the image on the paper. So, I'm a bit obsessed with it all, and feel I must do something every day if possible, however small. When everything is meshing well and a work is going just the way I want it, I feel like I'm glowing. My process varies, sometimes I keep drawing until something begins to appear on the paper, and other times I have something specifically in mind that I want to create. Many of my works contain elements that have been a part of me and my artistic vision from the beginning - nature, bugs, birds, potent women, life and death. I try to let the elements tell a story, whether or not the story itself is altogether obvious, even to me. I feel like when I'm setting out on a new piece I'm letting my subconscious show my waking mind what it is that I want to do and say. I let it work through me, pencil to pulp, pen to tablet, and brush to board. I spent high school in art classes, I skipped a lot of required classes, physics, chemistry, etc., but graduated anyways because the principal thought everyone in the art dept. was wasting their time anyways and just wanted us out of his building, a real broad thinker.... Went on to some college, about 6 years of different art classes in three different schools, spent most of my student loans on tools to supply my wood shop and started building guitars, I built about 60 and sold them all, wish I had some of the real gems back though. Had to pack up the shop after I had kids and now I'm back in the 2D world, painting and drawing. I feel like I get better everyday, and that's a little scary, because it tells me that I'll never be able to stop obsessing over my art because I'm always going to want to see what I can do next... So onwards with it. Thanks for looking.

Profile Every thing is possible  
Profile This piece is more marketable without the paper images behind it. I would love to see a series of these creatures, reaching for food, saying something (!), and an open door behind them. It's too busy this way but this piece has so much potential!  
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