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Subject: Gideon art collection for sale

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Posted On:  1/2/2000 11:01 AM Viewing 11 of 23 Replies

The COMPLETE collection is for sale and includes the following. You may email me for more details as well as links to the website where you may view it.

Jon Sturgis

The Holocaust
A Valuable Piece of History

Artist Gideon's life-long focus with this very special collection is that he is determined to make sure the pain and agony that occurred during the Holocaust will never be forgotten. Though his works portray the very depth and soul of his unforgettable war images from World War II, there is the message of hope instilled in his works. Each step Gideon takes whether in agony or ecstasy is never empty, but filled with a force of unstoppable spirit that will proclaim him conqueror of every new horizon. His journey indeed, is an ascending one, may his works speak for both himself and history. One day, of all days, these works shall portray what is right versus what is wrong for generations to come. Never shall this dreadful event be forgotten. This Holocaust Art Collection is a remarkable record of the pain and suffering of World War II, created from the personal experience and memories of Artist Gideon. This Collection of powerful paintings and sculptures began in 1944 as Gideon started sketching what he saw and felt all over Europe. When he returned home in 1946 he began painting and sculpturing these memories. This terrible event, burned in his soul, has continued till this day with his adding to the portrayal of it in his art. There are 25 works in this collection. Most of the paintings are large, up to 6' or 7'. The sculptures range in size from small 3' and 4' models up to 6' life-size displays. In his mid-seventies, Gideon is willing to part with this valuable piece of history and his life in order for future generations to view such great works in a remembrance of what happened. Purchase this collection and display it internationally, make prints and publish books around the art. This memory MUST be preserved. Millions of people around the world can benefit from experiencing this collection. Please join us in this, remembering of The Holocaust.

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