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Subject: Agora Gallery is not a scam

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Posted On:  10/19/2006 4:22 AM Viewing 15 of 19 Replies

Dear Artists,

I just came across this thread that contains a slanderous comment regarding Agora Gallery. These statements, such as using the term "scam” before checking all the facts, are insulting and particularly offensive to our staff of dedicated hard working employees.

Agora Gallery was established in 1984 in order to provide artists with the opportunity to actively promote their work in the New York art market. The founder of Agora Gallery was herself a painter, armed with a clear understanding of the New York art market and the difficulties that many artists encounter. In response she established Agora Gallery in order to provide gallery representation to fellow artists.

Agora Gallery is a representational gallery; we provide a service to artists who are not well established in the New York art market through annual representation.

We say upfront that our services cost money. We don’t want to waste anybody’s (and our) time – take a look at It clearly states, in 2 places, that we charge a fee – there is even a link that explains how different New York galleries operate ( ) - the basic representation cost is clearly stated on this page to help avoid misunderstandings.

We stand behind everything that we promise. Once an artist is accepted for representation we send a very clear representation offer that explains very clearly the services that we provide; in addition, our director is more than willing to answer questions and to meet with artists in person.

I agree that there are various operations that do not deliver what they promise but we are not one of them – we have been around for many year and have very high visibility (try to Google “Art Gallery NY” to see what I mean by high visibly) – I guess this is why you mentioned us.

Best Regards,

Irene Khaytman
Public Relations Coordinator
On Behalf of Agora Gallery

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