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Subject: help identifying religious print

Posted By:  pamdb
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Posted On:  10/3/2008 10:15 PM 0 Replies

Hi there,

I recently found a religious print in my uncles house and am wondering where it would be from and what its worth.  

On the bottom left its numbered (#2037), in the middle it is titled "Perpetual Secours" (French for Our Lady of Perpetual Help).  On the right side it says, 'K.F.Z  Printed in Switzerland'.

I am unaware of its age, however my father said he remembers it being in the house his entire life.  This means the print could have been acquired by my family as early as 1939.  My father's family is from Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Because of the French title, it is possible that it was originally acquired by Acadian relatives in Port Hill, PEI.

If anyone has any information on the print, or value, it would be greatly appreciated.

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