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Subject: "Line Shack Cowboys" by G. Harvey

Posted By:  ggetz
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Posted On:  12/29/2008 10:09 AM 0 Replies

G. Harvey's "Line Shack Cowhands" tells the story of the men of the West who travel to remote locations and live and work there. For weeks and months, they live in a man's society, like bachelors, without the comfort - or the cooking - of their wives or mothers. For certain, it can be a hard life, but it's a hard life surrounded by perhaps the most dramatic vistas in the world. In "Line Shack Cowhands" the guys are leaving the warmth and protection of the cabin to move further into the crisp, cold snow white world.

d'ART has this piece available today at very special after Christmas price of $950 - retails at $1250.  Don't miss this daily special today!!!!

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