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Subject: Examples of my art

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Posted On:  4/26/2011 9:26 AM 0 Replies

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CHICAGO ARCHITECTURE - a colorful techno-style digital art painting of the exiting Chicago Downtown skyline, featuring the 2 tube-shaped Marina City Towers in front, the 100-story Hancock Tower with its 2 antennas in the far middle, and Lake Michigan behind, a photo taken from the 110-story Sears Tower, now the tallest skyscraper in America after 911...

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CHICAGO SHOESHINE BOYS - an urban scenery with African-American shoeshine boys somewhere in the streets of Chicago

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NEW YORK GRAFFITI - a modern skyline at dusk, framed by a dome shaped window, which is part of a painted wall, a mural full of graffitis, signs of protest and youth rebellion...

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