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Subject: I have two Lithographs

Posted By:  stewmac
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Posted On:  2/18/2012 2 PM 0 Replies

I have two Lithographs, both late 1800 - early 1900. 

"General Washington" Engraved by James Heath, after a painting by Gilbert Stuart, in original circa 1800 wood frame.  Print size 23 X 16, Frame size 31 x 24.
"Alexander Hamilton" Printed by; John Trumball Etched by; Albert Rosenthal / Copyrighted and published by; William J. Campbell, Phila 1895. Print size 20 x 16, Frame size 31 x 27, in original circa 1800 wood frame. (A. Hamilton/signature)

Can provide photo's.

I would greatly appreciate membership opinions as to value.



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