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Subject: New Artists, welcome to HelioArt!

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This is HelioArt.

HELIOART would like to cast young- capable artists.

At first, I let you know who HelioArt is.


HelioArt, an artconsulting company in South Korea, has curated various exhibitions including foreign and domestic masterpieces as well as specialized in promoting and merchandising of contemporary artworks. Also we are running prestigious Paris¡¯s branch Universities which are called ¡°Academie De La Grande Chaumiere¡° and ¡°Academie Charpentier, Seoul¡± in South Korea.

Since we started HelioArt, we¡¯ve tried to have various and creative exhibitions. Previously we made new attempt as one of our major exhibitions that called "Les nouveaux POP" and "Cracking Art". Also we had another show called "Gallery Classic Concert" that performed with¡± Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade¡± and produced a big issue from the art field. Furthermore, we have our own place for the exhibition, called HelioArt SPACE, which is located in Chungdam, the most luxurious and trendy place in Seoul. In our space, we also have many exhibitions with YBA¡¯s and many foreign artists.


For more excellent exhibitions, HelioArt is looking for new- young artists at first hand, so we will introduce them to Korean collectors and also many viewers in exhibition we work. We would like to invite excellent artists¡¯ participation. Of course all genres of arts are our consideration.  If you have any interests, Please contact us with your portfolios by email or mail. We assure that we do not use any data you send commercially. 

Our address is / 6F, SINDO B/D 48-8 CHUNGDAM, GANGNAM-GU, SEOUL, KOREA.  

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