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Subject: ArtWalk - Brewery Art Colony - Los Angeles - Oct 12/13

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The nonprofit Brewery Art Association (BAA), is proud to announce its 20th Fall ArtWalk at The Brewery Art Colony on Saturday and Sunday, October 12 and 13, 2002.

Free to the public and easily accessible, the Brewery ArtWalk is an ideal way for art aficionados to easily see in just a day or two, more varied, just-hatched creativity than would be possible in many days of gallery and museum hopping.

Acknowledged as the world’s largest live-work art colony, the Brewery attracts nearly 15,000 art-loving Southern California residents, tourists, collectors, curators, dealers, educators, and students to its famed ArtWalk. Over 170 private studios in the 300-studio complex throw open their doors to the public, giving them a rarely-seen glimpse of the artists’ diverse creations and loft-dwelling lifestyle.

In addition to painters, sculptors, performance artists and other fine artists, The Brewery has resident many specialty artists: designers of furniture, art glass, costumes and clothing, theatrical and movie sets, web sites and computer games, vehicles, greeting cards, and even high-fashion eye glasses. There are over 50 professional photographers. Other specialties include architecture, cinematography, musicians, composers, and many others.

A dozen of Los Angeles’ most important museums participated in the Spring ArtWalk and even greater museum participation is expected at the October event. Visitors can learn about museum membership and get information on current and upcoming museum exhibitions.

The Brewery, a 22-building complex on 23 acres, comprises a variety of structures, some dating back to 1888. It includes a combination of the former Eastside and Pabst Blue Ribbon Breweries, from which the community derives its name, and one of Los Angeles' first power plants, Edison Power Station #3. It is located in an area rich with historic and cultural significance, near Olvera Street, Chinatown, and Little Tokyo, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Phone for recorded Information and Directions: 213-694-2911
Web page:

Street Address: 600 Moulton Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90031 (Moulton Avenue and North Main Street)

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