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Subject: Bert Wood

Posted By:  CAKate
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Posted On:  3/19/2003 11:11 AM 3 Replies

My mother-in-law insists that she has paintings from Robert Wood's brother Bert. He lived in Ventura California, died in 1965. He was a friend of her husband (who is now deceased) and Bert told him he was Robert's brother. He painted like Robert and the signature is very similar. One painting looks like an untitled seascape and the other looks like "Early Fall" and "Autumn Leaves". I have gone into geneology and cannot find any source that Bert was Robert's brother. Maybe this was Robert and signed the paintings "Bert Wood" or am I looking for a fake? Can anyone help me? my Mother-in-law- thinks these paintings are valuable and has set them in her will.

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