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Subject: Robert Wood October Morn painting or print unsure

Posted By:  AcheronX
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Posted On:  6/29/2003 10:56 AM 4 Replies

i have a painting recently accured a robert wood painting it is old looking not worn at all except the frame a little but looks lovely anteque like its a golden brownish color the painting is donw in yellos light browns all over its simply Gorgus i saw it and had to have it it says Robert Wood
in the bottom right hand corner
and has the name October Morn on the back along with the demsions i think its a painting of a stream calm as a clock bolder in the foreground right hand side with trees all around leading off in the distance its simply lovely and id like to kno wat its worth if anything although i like it for its beauty i just would like to kno incase i may need to take out insureance on it lol.
u never kno with grage sale finds ...
if anyone knos anything about this painting or print could u email me with Painting Inforomation as the Subject or post here Thx if u need a pic of it i will post one on a site i have if need be just ask ...
thx for the help

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3 Authenticity bmorse 11/10/2003 2:29 PM
2 October Morn bgoul 11/1/2003 5:27 PM
1 October morn charla 10/24/2003 12:55 AM


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