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Subject: "T. Wood" mystery- cowboys?

Posted By:  piperkirk
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Posted On:  1/2/2004 10:45 PM 1 Reply

I have recently acquired a near mint condition, 26X36 oil on canvas signed “T. Wood” from a yard sale near Charleston, SC. The painting depicts horse-mounted cowboys, in yellow rain slickers, crossing a rocky stream. The setting is similar to the landscape of the Texas Hill country. After extensive research on both “Travers Wood” and “Robert (Trebor/G Day) Wood”, and the various signatures and subject matter, I believe that I, in fact, have a Robert Wood rarity. When reading the bio for “Travers Wood” on, the only info offered is:

"Note from Ron Gerba; A painter of cowboys and horses,he was in Arizona between the 1930s and 1950s."

I have posted my painting under “Travers Wood” on (likely, I now believe, to have been a mistake on my part) at this link:

I understand that Robert Wood was commissioned by an art dealer in the ’20’s to paint Wood’s “My Only Indian”, which he authenticated in the 1970’s with signature and stamp. “My Only Indian” also features horses, riders, and movement comparable to my own piece. However, most interestingly, I have compared the “T. Wood” signature to many authenticated Wood signatures, and to my untrained eye, the script, also, is amazingly the same! In particular, the “W” is the typical left slant with the lower, right side wider than the left. The two-letter “o’s” slightly decrease in size, with the round area of the “d” following in pattern. There is a slight flare off the end of the “d”, as well.

The only other marking on the canvas is a large letter “W“, written in black marker located on the wooden canvas frame. Also, the piece came to me in a most familiar gilded frame, so often presented on websites featuring Wood’s work.

I have compared, to the best of my p.c.‘s picture viewer, Wood’s mediums and canvases featured on your site to my “T. Wood” cowboy painting, and again discovered definite similarities.

I am interested in selling the piece, as I am a collector of various effects for resale. Again, f you would like to see a photo of my “T. Wood”, I have posted a full size photo on under the artist name “Travers Wood.” Also, if you would like to see close up photos of the signature, the familiar “sagging roof” house featured on the upper left portion of the scene, or any particular strokes or features, please email or phone me at the above-mentioned contacts.

Most curiously,

Piper Kirk


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