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Subject: JACKSON POLLOCK: Voice of the Cosmos

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"I am nature", declared Jackson Pollock.

And well he shoud have. In an article published by the journal, LEONARDO in 2000, authors Richard Taylor, Adam Micolich and David Jonas announced:
"it was not until 1999 that we, the current authors, identified the defining visual character of his [POLLOCK'S] patterns as fractal--- bearing the 'fingerprint' of Nature's patterns".

What is a fractal???

According to the website, KOSMOI:

"Fractals are a class of complex geometric shapes that commonly exhibit the property of self-similarity, such that a small portion of it can be viewed as a reduced scale replica of the whole. . . . Fractals are distinct from the simple figures of classical, or Euclidean geometry. They are capable of describing the many irregularly shaped objects or spatially nonuniform phenomena in nature that cannot be accomodated by Euclidean geometry."

A non-technical review of the mathematicians' Pollock fractal discovery can be found HERE

A good complete beginner's introduction to fractals is at the web address

Geologist, Robert Oldershaw believes that the whole universe is a fractal. He is not the only one, as this idea seems to be gaining some ground with certain thinkers. Check out his website HERE

All this throws a whole new light on Pollock and his importance. I never new any of this while discovering my own approach to painting. Only now can I say that what I do seems to come from a Pollock-like sense of things. I see other painters, as well, on a similar, very distinct path involving FLUID FLOW. We seem to be relatives of Pollock, without even knowing it. We too are nature--- a collective voice of the cosmos.


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