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Subject: Grand Teton Robert Wood 2000-103

Posted By:  pdh
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Posted On:  7/17/2005 12:01 PM 0 Replies

Hello, I have recently aquired a print of this in a wood fram that measures 23" by 48". The wood frame also has a brass plate titled, "GRAND TETON Robert Wood. Compared to other prints I have seen of Grand Teton by Robert Wood, this has a much wider view and includes more of the nature that he was capturing. On the back of this print there are numbers; 2000 - 103 with a paper on it also that says An American Masterpiece by Aaron Brothers of California 2000-103. The backing of this piece seems to be cardboard and the whole piece seems to be in generally good shape. Can anyone tell me more about this piece compared to other prints, copies of the same scene?
Thank you

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