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d'ART ID#: 120687
Length: 24.00 in (60.96 cm)
Height: 18.00 in (45.72 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: no
Dominant colors
Media Types
Lithograph Oils
Style & Subject
Baroque Nautical Portrait
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Endre Szabo

Endre Szabo  Artwork
The Pirate
Endre Szabo

Limited Edition Print - $500.00

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For many years an original of this piece hung in Disney Corporate Headquarters. There are several versions of this painting but our lithograph was created from the Disney version.

The Pirate commands your attention. You cannot walk past this character without stopping to look into his deeply lined, thoughtful face and wonder what he's planning. The Pirate lithographs are available in both signed and unsigned copies.

Endre Szabo (1922 1991) is an internationally known artist. His fame and reputation are documented in the biographical reference publication, the International Whos Who in Art, published in London, England in 1972. A special photographic section of the book features a reproduction of one of his works as an outstanding example of contemporary painting.Born in Hungary, Endre Szabo was the son of an often-honored award winning artist who won prizes and medals from a number of countries in Europe. His education in art was quite extensive. He was taught to hold a brush by his father at the tender age of four, and completed his first portrait at the age of 13.His formal education in art began at the Academy of Art in Budapest. His studies although, were interrupted by the war and he was forced give up his country. He subsequently continued his education in Italy for 2 more years. From that point on, Mr. Sabo traveled widely, studying in particular the paintings of Rembrandt and Rubens in numerous museums throughout Europe. He lived briefly in Austria and also in Germany.Mr. Szabo then moved on to South America, taking up residency in several different countries over the course of 11 years. While in South America, he painted several hundred portraits, inculding those of the Presidents of Peru and Venezuela. Traveling throughout the continent, he painted portraits of high-level government officials, religious leaders, diplomats and many other prominent personalities.In 1960, Mr. Szabo emmigrated to the United States, where he settled in the Philadelphia area. During the next 4 years he worked in New York, Pittsburgh and Fort Lauderdale, after which Mr. Szabo moved west to Los Angeles, CA. About that time he took a great liking to Western Themed Character Compositions.In 1961 he was awarded 1st Prize for an oil and a pastel while in Philadelphia. In 1966 at a group show in Los Angeles he won first prize for oil. Then in 1969 he moved to San Antonio, TX.Mr. Szabo's usual genres are portraits and character compositions. His paintings are widely recognized as capturing the spiritual depth and character of his subject. His extraordinary technique has often been likened to that of the Old Masters. Besides traditional oils on canvas, Mr. Szabo developed a technique of painting oils on brass and copper. He also produced a large number of pastels and ink drawings.One-Man ExhibitsIn his travels, Mr. Szabo held numerous exhibitions and shows. Perhaps his most notable one-man show was in Tehran, Iran, during the Coronation of the Shah in 1968, at the invitation of the government of Iran. Other One-Man Shows were held in Lima, Peru (1956), Caracas, Venezuela (1959 & 1960), Pittsburgh, PA (1963), Los Angeles, CA (1967), and San Antonio and Houston, TX (1968).Famous Owners of Endre Szabo's WorkAmong the most notable owners of Endre Szabos works in portraiture are the late Sir Winston Churchill, the late former President Richard M. Nixon, the Royal Family of his Imperial Majesty Reza Pahlevi, former Shahenshah of Iran, and the late great American actor and cultural icon John Wayne. A number of Endre Szabo's paintings hang in the world famous Binions Casino, home of the World Series of Poker, in Las Vegas, NV. Many of his works hang in private collections around the world.Famous Subjects of Endre Szabo's WorkEndre Szabo's famous piece "Man of the Golden West," the portrait of John Wayne, so impressed John Wayne that he gave his personal permission for the painting to be reproduced in print.TeachingTeaching was always a part of Mr. Szabo's profession. Everywhere he traveled his classes were in demand. His naturally outgoing personality and his love of art always translated into an enthusiasm that he shared with his pupils. He always strove to give individual attention to each student.+++++++Personal NoteOn a personal note it must be said that Endre Szabo was a very talented, kind and very likeable man with a keen sense of humor. He had three children of whom he was very fond. His travels were always extensive and it was not uncommon to move from one city to another every six months. First priority in a new location was light windows allowing for his work. He loved the oceans and the lakes, enjoying the sand, sea air, swimming and fishing. He liked the simple, unsophisticated life and above all freedom. Never wealthy by monetary terms, he was a rich man who lived life to the fullest.He enjoyed his travels and stays, and also all of his many friends. In his life he lived in numerous cities in Europe, South America and the U.S., including Puerto Rico and Hawaii. He also spent time in Canada and Mexico.His numerous visits home to Hungary were always celebrations, with his wonderful mother, aunts, uncles, cousins and old friends all vying for his attention.What more can one ask than to enjoy ones profession, and it can be said that he loved his art. He loved classical music and always painted with the finest accompaniment Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi in particular. It is good to leave such a legacy and we are honored at this time to further his name and reputation.M. Szabo

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