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d'ART ID#: 121170
Length: 22.00 in (55.88 cm)
Height: 14.00 in (35.56 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: yes
Year Created: 1991
Dominant colors
Media Types
Acrylic Canvas Painting
Style & Subject
Abstract Impressionism Southwestern
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Edward Longo

Edward Longo  Artwork
* Boats at Wharf Docking
Edward Longo

Original Paintings - $1,900.00

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A Picturesque Scene: oceanic views of boats and sailboats passing within a waterfront pier. This image has manifested from some past recollection within the artists imagination. Created in September of 1991 this acrylic painting is representative of those primitive artists of The Fauve. This painting on canvas is protected under plexiglass within a basic black metal frame. This impressive painting is ready for hanging in any home, or office. The image is reminiscent of such impressionists as Van Gogh, Gauguin and Cezanne. This is yet another outstanding original art painting added to the artists complex workings. As the art world continues to recognize the value of the contributions of living artists the price of this painting could easily double. This is especially true since this image is relevant to the colorful paintings and creative imagery of those master artists of the past. Visit website by Edward Longo here >
* NOTE: Registered Certificate available free. Title issued by National Fine Arts title registration.

Keywords: boating, sailboats, boat piers, seascape, picturesque seaside images, landscape, dock, wharf, scenic views, waterways, oceanic scenes, boathouses, docking pier, master artists.

Creative painting is not merely the process of executing ones medium, such as oil, or acrylic - it is the art of transferring ones feelings from the palate onto the canvas. Ultimately, when the artists work is being observed it will be appreciated for the inspiration that transpired during its inception . . . Creative art, therefore, simply becomes a matter of transference of feelings. To put it bluntly: art without feeling is tantamount to observing a stained glass window without light, or a Tiffany lamp without its electricity.Each painting became manifest, subconsciously, without ever having a particular theme, or specific image in mind. In essence, each and every painting has been painstakingly processed, spiritually, as I am certain those talented artists who have passed must have experienced. This mysterious connection actually felt as if it was being transmitted through my own hand - each piece becoming developed through a different attitude. At times, while in the creative zone, it was as if I had been stimulated by a bolt of immense, positive electricity.DESCRIPTIVE of an INSPIRATIONAL ARTIST:Every art painting is an original - each painting becoming developed through a different attitude! Each time I began painting it was as if I had experienced what master artists of the past must have imagined during the process of creating their impressions. As I kept experimenting with different techniques it became evident to me that I had sometimes gotten in touch, spiritually, with some of these legendary artists. After allowing this process to flow, I realized I had found a way to have my images become more in keeping with the eloquent, spontaneous, brush strokes of these masters. PRESS RELEASE: Edward Longos paintings are combinations of spontaneous inspiration, emotional freedom and daring color explorations. Longo describes the creative process as the art of transferring ones feelings from the palette onto the canvas. Early life on the East Coast brought Edward Longo in contact with the verdant countryside and oceans, inasmuch as brine rolling foam and lusty breezes became ingrained within the confines of a truly sensitive spirit. With bold colors and painterly brushstrokes, Longos work possesses a passionate flair, even in his most serene compositions. His work displays the attention to intense colors and geometric shapes of Abstract Expressionism, while exuding the Romanticism and soft brushwork of Impressionism. Originally from Hartford, CT, Edward Longo studied architectural drafting and painting. Adding photography to his list of talents, throughout the past twenty years he has exhibited his work in prominent Manhattan galleries, hotels, and public spaces. He currently lives and works in New York City. REVIEW >> >> http://www.original-art-paintings.comAlso REVIEW >>

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