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d'ART ID#: 124380
Length: 19.00 IN (48.26 cm)
Height: 13.00 IN (33.02 cm)
Depth: 0.00 IN (0.00 cm)
Framed: no
Dominant colors
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Abstract Expressionism Pop Art
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Harry Dusenberg

Harry Dusenberg  Artwork
Abstraction Flowers
Harry Dusenberg

Digital Art - $120.00

Being Sold by harryduse
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Abstraction 1 is my impression of flowers

Hello I'm Harry Dusenberg I became interested in art by watching Bill Alexander create beautiful landscapes and seascapes in the 1980's on PBS television after watching for a few months, I said to myself maybe I can do that so off to the art store I went. I bought all the stuff needed to paint including a can of turpentine with this on the label "it has a distinct odor " I remember sitting in the living room trying to paint my first painting the smell stayed in the house for about a week and my painting looked like gray and white pyramids and green smudges not only was my painting a mess but my wife was hopping mad over the smell. Well being a persistent person I moved my painting stuff downstairs and painted about 3 paintings a day for six months and finally got pretty good at it. I sent a tape to Alexander Art and they made me a Bill Alexander Certified Instructor, this was in 1988. Shortly thereafter I was teaching seminars, demonstrating the Wet on Wet technique in malls, resorts and private homes throughout Delaware County. I have received letters from my former students that say they have gone on to win juried art shows and it gives me a great feeling of satisfaction to know that I have made a difference in their lives the same way that Bill Alexander has made a difference in mine. Why I love to paint:When you start to paint the first thing you get is new eyes the whole world becomes new to you, the way the light fall the shape of things I don't think I ever saw the world till I started to paint nothing else can give this to you... When you are painting its impossible to think of anything else all you troubles just disappear. It lifts your sprit and makes you think about the meaning of life. It is something you will never totally master. Every time you pick up a brush you learn something new no matter how long you have painted. Most of all there is nothing more satisfying than the act of creation to start with a blank canvas and put you world on it and have other people enjoy it.

Profile Gorky Howard was Moe's one-legged nephew. He appeared in only two episodes,* both flops and rarely seen. Gorky was after Shemp but before Curly Joe. Keep experimenting, Harry! It's exciting to see what happens when someone with your exceptional painting skills lets his imagination go nuts!...  
Profile Hi Trollcat Who the heck is Gorky I'm going to have to Google him... I was just sitting in front of painter and started to doodle around and this is what happened just an experiment. Hey nothing ventured nothing gained. I thought they not to bad for a first try at abstract art......:) Some time...  
Profile It's funny, but there's an artist with the Same Name who regularly posts his prints here! What are the odds!? So, a new and different direction, is that it, Harry? Doing a little experimenting on the side, are we now, Hmmmm?!? How very interesting... It seems you have very deliberately rel...  
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