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d'ART ID#: 130546
Length: 40.00 cm
Height: 30.00 cm
Depth: 1.00 cm
Framed: yes
Dominant colors
Media Types
Digital Impression
Style & Subject
Architecture Computer Fantasy
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:-)b Krause

:-)B krause  Artwork
doppel kikh - BRiGiTAL
:-)B krause

Digital Art - $150.00

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doppel kikh 2/3
multimedia digital print
mit naturholzrahmen und acrylglas

For better comprehensionThe world we live in seems to fall to pieces, people, things just pursue on their ways, following their own intentions, separating from each other.So our scientific century in is endeavour to dissemble and analyse everything has found is monumental expression in the fission of the atom and the forces set free by it.The conquest of outer space has become more important to us than the conservation of our great mother earth; same as the emphasis on individual interests is perhaps more important to us than the cultivation of the community.Thus it is not by accident that Brigitta, half of the Artist Community of Eckernfrde defines the nuclear fission as the event of the last century witch occupies her most of all.In Eckernfrde-Germany, she works sometime together with PeKa on objects with they call Cloisonnage, two-dimensional images made of single uniquely formed pieces. Composed of single pieces because both artists love the singular, the unique, that is how they feel and that is the object of their affection.But as singular the pieces may be their painting accentuates it in a very expressive way the pictures combinations are outstanding, too. The pieces interlock and end wine, one has the opportunity to enjoy the skillful components and the perfect aggregate form of the whole. But with all the emphasis and elaboration of the detailed form the various connections and inter dependences of the different parts are not forgotten. For a real whole is more than the sum of its components.In the beginning of the development of the Cloisonnage the artists let their public experiences the easiness of taking a part and the difficulty of joining together the complicated components, which additionally were painted from both sides. The newer and bigger works the parts are firmly glued on; the author and friend understands but regrets this nevertheless.Contemplation is the only remainder of the difficult joining and if it were merely this it would be just contemporary and we could turn toward our own difficult business without hesitation. But here there is something greater, something not to be explored by the mere spectator.We have heard of great art and of the titans who created it, but too often these were individuals who disguised their disturbed relationship towards the community with too much dexterity; not only Michelangelo deplored this kind of wretched living.But here we have two extremely different artists who have following their inmost souls created something in common, a collective artists personality, the Artist Community of Eckernfrde.So, looking at the Cloisonnage of Brigitta Krause and PeKa or at the illustrations in their booklet, we should remember that they are the artistic expression of the community of two so very different people and this should not leave us indifferent.

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