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d'ART ID#: 135417
Length: 18.00 in (45.72 cm)
Height: 24.00 in (60.96 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: no
Dominant colors
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Floral Symbolism War
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Leah Saunders

Leah Saunders  Artwork
The White Rose
Leah Saunders

Photography - $275.00

Being Sold by LeahSaunders
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With the fall of Nazi Germany, the White Rose came to represent opposition to tyranny in the German psyche and was lauded for acting without interest in personal power or self-aggrandizement.
Please Google "The White Rose" and learn so much more about this history and our future.

Born to Diana and Robert C. Saunders, II in Gulfport, Mississippi, Leah Saunders has been carrying the camera since the age of 12 to visit 13 of the United States as well as France and Switzerland. Her father was a ceramic artist and painter from Nassau, Bahamas as well as a Kempo karate master. He trained Leah in this art of skill and meditation before his death at 39 from heart complications. He never wore shoes to always feel the earth and connect for inspiration. Her mother is an artist and never used cameras but instead sketched and painted the children, as she was a homemaker who was raised in Findlay, Ohio by German and French-Jewish parents. Leah has five siblings, one son, and dreams that click and inspire like her Canon.Leah Saunders is a self-taught photographer who studied Communication and French at the University of Cincinnati as well as training in classical ballet and modern dance at several schools during her travels. In her journey of different cultural experiences and languages, the camera was never turned off as she began to head in a different direction by leaving campus. For Leah, this was just another way to amplify life. She never fears change or the unknown. She states, The clicks in my mind or within my camera are all the same, I think I have one thing but its really another after I step back and see what I have.Please visit to explore more images and read more about Leah Saunders.

Profile Wow. The White Rose is so symbolic. You have captured the spirit of the Jewish symbolism of the white rose. Thank you. I really like your website too! Wow!  
Profile It's okay. Timeless beauty of a rose, tinted slightly differently. We've seen it countless times before, but we really never get tired of it, so it becomes a staple of our senses. Not supposed to kick us. More like a spouse, to whom we lovingly grow accustomed.   
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