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My work is done in whatever medium is needed,since masking is used oil paints don't work well with this proposition.All this is a study and not product m

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Jay Smithline

Jay Smithline  Artwork
Funist #2 from 6-60
Jay Smithline

Drawings - $18,000.00

Being Sold by dots
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they gave you a free comb in those grade school pictures X amount of years later and i look like death micro waved but us Funists are just here observing your planet , on Zimdar the shmerdlings
go crazy for us and want to make crazed trumbort with us which we can do without the aid of your
renfrew enhancement stimutrons or vortne come ons

the price of 18000 sheckdars is only fair but it is a rental fee----sorry no checks,credit cards or trades for earthly material that won't fit in our escape vehicle

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Profile yes the Funists hold brushes,pens,pencils,power tools and side walk chalk in our noses. why i even reply to your personal attack is beyond belief and we type with our noses too ! so there mr. mucky mucky .  
Profile whaddya do hold a sharpie in your nose to come up with this crap ? Our dog Bosco is having a show at a trendy gallery which you'll never do you FUNIST PIG !!!!!!   
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