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d'ART ID#: 144344
Length: 40.00 in (101.60 cm)
Height: 40.00 in (101.60 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: no
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Media Types
Mixed Media
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Sanford Kogan

Sanford Kogan  Artwork
A Good Wine to Go With
Sanford Kogan

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This is one of the largest pieces that I have created to date, measuring 40 inches in diameter. Attached to the frame are handwritten musical scores on cotton fiber paper, a cut up violin, and a polyphon disc at the center. There are 4 light sources structured within, one behind each of the musical scores, and one directly at the center. And the absense of light in the remaining areas is as important to this work as the light itself. The overall effect of this piece is cubist, while the light in the center draws one focus, almost like a giant eye. When all the other lights are out in the room, I find that this piece can have an almost hypnotic effect.

See if you can figure out the original purpose of the round 40 inch frame that these items are attached to. Hint: it is something very common to France and it is alluded to in the title.

S.D. KoganFor over 20 years, I have been creating functional art forms (typically lamps, clocks, and light sculptures) from industrial objects made of metal. This originally started from a strong affinity for old broken down musical instruments, their inherent beauty and grace. My original goal was to give these instruments a second life, to re-establish their functional status as living objects by transforming them into something new, something that was not originally intended. For example, a lamp might be created by attaching a clarinet to a base at the bottom, and a glass at the top, and running a wire through it. The result regularly triggered people to take a second look with puzzlement or curiosity, a sensibility that was often transformed to amusement when they figured out what was going on.

Eventually, my designs evolved as I started combining musical instruments with other recycled household or industrial materials. This resulted in more interesting and original art forms. The kinds of objects that might be combined includes fireplace pots, heat reflectors, balance scale trays, faucets, spigots, spoons, metal wheels, and binoculars, to name only a few. There is a wealth of these sorts of objects in France, and living in Grenoble during the past 11 years has greatly augmented my artistic vision and its result.

While remaining functional in design, my more recent work (since 2004) would more appropriately be described as "metal assemblage light sculptures". This approach focuses on the sculpting of light and the integration of light and form. Sculpting of light includes filtering light, mirroring light, hiding light sources, and creating shadows. The goal here is for the sculpting of light and the sculpting of form to work together to create an integrated composition overall.

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