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d'ART ID#: 146522
Length: 40.00 cm
Height: 30.00 cm
Depth: 0.00 cm
Framed: no
Dominant colors
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Mike Tedder

Mike Tedder  Artwork
Mike Tedder

Multimedia Art - $590.00

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The collage is constructed from layers of cut coloured papers.

My work creates a juxtaposition of dreams, realities and sensations, fleeting moments from life inspired by my own experiences through childhood. I explore a sense of empathy for existing across different places and times, examining personal sensations of deja-vu. The self may be described by means of a visual diary that extends beyond contemporary life, moving through times, locations, and states of being, without a fixed linear chronology. I make use of a variety of media, including paper collage, paint, and printmaking.My work has been represented in various publications, with solo and group exhibitions showing in the UK, France, Holland, Spain, Germany, Italy and the USA. I also accept commissions in a diverse range of media including collage, paint, print and mosaic.

Profile I like the way this work of art is done. When you look at it at the 1th time, you can see water or liquid as the name says, but when you continue to look at it, you will start to see shapes. It is like behind the liquid, there is another world, but youjust have to find it. Another way to look at...  
Profile The technical skill displayed in this piece is thrilling to see: the challenge of painting glass, glazed pottery, vegetables, and cloth really exhibits a mastery in ability. I especially love how the highlights in each object are handled. I would love to see more like this - my only suggestion w...  
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