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d'ART ID#: 148330
Length: 100.00 cm
Height: 150.00 cm
Depth: 0.00 cm
Framed: no
Dominant colors
Media Types
Style & Subject
Animation Conceptual Expressionism
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Zsuzsa Mathe

Zsuzsa Mathe  Artwork
39000 Feet Above Sea Level
Zsuzsa Mathe

Original Paintings - $6,490.00

Being Sold by Sedah
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It just feels like it!

Just as Renaissance was the art of Realism, Transrealism (meaning „beyond what is real”) shows the actuality beyond the physical reality. Attila Jozsef, a great Hungarian poet who inspired Transrealism wrote in his poem, Welcome to Thomas Mann (1937) "... You know this well: the poet never lies,The real is not enough; through its disguiseTell us the truth which fills the mind with lightBecause, without each other, all is night. …”I want to show the “truth” not the physical reality. There exist more “faithful” media to accomplish that.In Transrealism, style can not be binding to express the essential reality. Hence comes the mixing of styles, even within the same one artwork, for a style in itself have a force of expression and serve as a tool of communication.Man must be addressed so as to communicate to one, and to gain one’s willingness to listen to the message one needs aesthetics. There is no shadow without light and no light without a shadow. Here aesthetics is light and shadow is the lack of such. Aesthetics can not be exiled but our message can not be flooded with it either because if a piece of art does not include both “light” and “shadow” then the potential in life fades away and the message becomes shallow.The task of today’s fine art is to take in and integrate today’s world with all of its elements. That cell phones, advertisements, satellite internet and many other things are part of today’s world is a well-known and accomplished fact. There is no point in protesting against it, turning it into a manifesto or “calling it into one’s attention” – we have known it for a long time.Today, at the beginning of the 21st century this is our life, not less than man of old times had his own surrounding life that was than captured as natural. This, today’s world must be communicated not with the art of protest but with the tools of art in harmony with life to man in a quality and level that was done by the classical masters of fine art in their time. If not with the same tools, but not less immortal must be given about today’s life.If you like my work please do take your time to comment on what you like in it and what it makes you feel like. Any feedback is appreciated because a piece of art if not communicating is probably not worth creating.

Profile Hi Muzick, Thank you for your kind comment. Indeed, this was intended to be simple, but communicating. Like flying itself ... Zsuzsa  
Profile I Like this, simple, happy, fresh. -b jAXON  
Profile Thank you very much. If I managed to make you have a few moments of pleasure, I already have it made.  
Profile I really like the composition and the ideas. It's really neat how you somewhat blurred out the background. I like that she's not realistic and looks more comic like or cartoon. It's very much like a woman to be on her cellphone too. But overall i like everything about it. :)  
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