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Ricardo G. Silveira

Ricardo G. Silveira  Artwork
Ricardo G. Silveira


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Stairs in the wall.

Ricardo G. Silveira was born in Caracas, from an early age he showed keen interest in art. Their tendency is self-taught, now makes its digital works made ​​directly on the computer. My technique is digital and my style is abstract. The definition, "Abstract art is a general concept, as opposed to the concept of figurative art, which refers to the bare essentials of art, reduced to its chromatic aspects, formal and structural. Emphasizes abstraction forms, abstracting, removing them from imitation or credible or accurate reproduction of the natural (mimesis), rejects any form of copying any model outside the artist's consciousness. Abstract art is understood that dispenses with all figuration (real space, objects, landscapes, figures, animate beings shapes even if they represent real objects, lighting and perspective). An abstract work, strictly understood, can not refer to something outside the work itself, but proposes a new reality different from natural . Abstract art fails to consider the justification for a figurative representation and tends to shift to a visual language independent, endowed with their own meanings (iconography). Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition that can exist independently of real-world visual references "This concept sums up my artwork.

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