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d'ART ID#: 155270
Length: 42.00 in (106.68 cm)
Height: 42.00 in (106.68 cm)
Depth: 1.00 in (2.54 cm)
Framed: yes
Dominant colors
Media Types
Charcoal Drawing
Style & Subject
African Realism Wildlife
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Heather Ward

Heather Ward  Artwork
Heather Ward

Drawings - $1,900.00

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These Grevy's zebras will be the first in a series of large drawings of African mammals. I used black and white charcoal on gray matboard. 2009.

Since I was young, the goal of my drawings has been to be as realistic as possible. As a scientifically-oriented person, I value accuracy and detail. But at the same time, I don't want a drawing to be flat, lifeless. I want to capture a moment in time.Ever since I can remember, the subject of my drawings has mostly been animals. I feel like I have a deep connection with the natural world, and I want to show it through my art.After several years of trying different media, I have settled on two that I really connect with: charcoal for black and white and colored pencils for color. I love seeing a drawing come to life on the paper, and these media do that for me.

Profile The high degree of skillful realism is obviously part of what makes this piece great. My favorite aspect, though, is the interplay of textures and patterns-- zebra stripes, grass, clouds, and trees. The distinction between darkest darks and grays is really nicely done, too.  
Profile Amazing detail! Expert understanding of the reality.  
Profile An excellent use of charcoal. Your detail is great and helps to make the drawing look real. I feel like the zebra's ( the onefacing the viewer) nose is a bit large, but maybe it's just me.The lines in the drawing are all very crisp and you made good use of shadow. An excellent art piece overall.  
Profile Beautiful work! Amazing detail, good composition, like the 2 opposite views (a little humour maybe?), and the background supports your main subject without being a distraction.  
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