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Laura Elena

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Art for a Middle Person: Green Causes by Laura Coatl

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Laura Coatl

Laura Coatl  Artwork
Movement - preliminary drawing
Laura Coatl

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Being Sold by LauraCoatl-ext.2011
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Before creating (sold, 1.5 x 1.5 meters) Water Colour Painting named "Movement" The Mexican Artist, Laura Coatl, created this charcoal Drawing - which in her creative process took a series of other 9 pieces (in charcoal too)previous to this one. The original drawing does not exist at this date in time. Her existing digital image is what remains to offer for Leasing Agreement, if a limited edition poster is to be produced. The narrative of this piece is about Disyuntives, The Modern Individual and its Values about Free Will. This piece is TExtual in Regards of Contemporary Humanism, and those writings the Artists has about this topic. AGAINST VIOLENCE, is the translation of "CONTRA LA VIOLENCIA". . . more about her authorship texts for sale, please find her at

Talking funny when art terminology is the tone.think about these words: "Intervention"; "Installation"; "Hyper"; "Conceptual"; "Textual Art"! ... I am doing a Conceptual Real Time synergy ......ArtistCoatl: Virtual Intervention/Installation named My Hypersite ...What do you sell? Oddly, I sell Books, Texts, and Pixels.What's Art in a Concept? ... Rare Answer! ... ME.Does all of that sounds FAMILIAR to you? (!)

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