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d'ART ID#: 170479
Length: 5.70 in (14.48 cm)
Height: 14.00 in (35.56 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: no
Dominant colors
Media Types
Digital Impression
Style & Subject
Business Juxtaposition Symbolism
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Sam Smith

Sam Smith  Artwork
Sam Smith

Digital Art - $50.00

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'1%', 2012: The 'fix' is in, we now know the landscape of Wall Street is such that the odds of profit are better for those in financial centers than the gamers of Las Vegas. Not that the gains of Wall Street should have parity with the 99%, after all they are in control of the digital tools (why the digital symbol is used here)that in part afford such gains, though it is the larger part played by greed that more oft than not lead the march toward profit, and in the process eliminate such ideas as fairness or balance in this egregious short-term pursuit on the backs of the 99%. Additionally this 20th century perspective is also responsible for what has become known as the 'financial meltdown', a near destruction of world-wide financial infrastructure. Differing perspectives of balance, and fairness must be inclusive in the ground rules that are surely ahead in circumventing such 20th century business/entrepreneurial practice.

All materials, techniques and pigments used in producing this print adhere to museum protocols. Signed frontally with title and copyright. The indicated print size is the opening in mat necessary to accomadate the image. Should a size, different from that indicated above be desired, pricing will be fairly adjusted. Shipping, and insurance will be borne by purchaser. By obtaining this work an agreement to all copyright statutes that apply will be engaged.

A native of Baltimore, MD, N.Y.C. has been my home for more than half my life. Four plus decades my artistic acts have passed through the glass eye of fine-arts photography. Most recent series of works are from the 'EquivalencE' series, an outgrowth of 'Synergi3s of Confluence' (SynCon), a continuing series. The central subject-matter are that shared space humanity & Nature inhabit. Such juxtapositions will oft result in foretelling ways, at times they will speak to formalities of esthetics, and others a more humorous narrative is close at-hand, all-the-while the relationship between Nature/humanity is context. Visual results are never passive, as these relationships are manifest within an atmosphere of correspondence. While the SynCon works rely on: a process of repurposing the original image via: duplication, selective cropping, and seamless reuniting along a common edge, whereas the EquivalencE works rely on the singular original image. Aspirations are two-fold: an engaging work of fine-art, and a redefining of the relationship between humanity & Nature to one of partnership.

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