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d'ART ID#: 176176
Length: 37.00 in (93.98 cm)
Height: 65.00 in (165.10 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: no
Dominant colors
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Christine Dumbsky

Christine Dumbsky  Artwork
The rose
Christine Dumbsky

Original Paintings - $4,800.00

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The song "The Rose" by Bette Midler inspired the artist to this image, in which the text is visually transformed.

During the development, the artist also dealt with poems by Alexander von Bernus and Eugen Roth, which are also naturally reflected in the painting. Furthermore the painter got also inspired to own texts.

Eroticism is rooted in the people, because without this essential sense, nobody would probably have sex and therefore thered be no human survival.
However, this term is often misused these days, especially in advertising and the media.

In times of "Fifty Shades of Grey" hype 50 different grey colour scales?
So eroticism in our times is also conceptually only a grey area or simply colorless?
Press Agency: Rhrken

The sky - blue and wide,
The day is clear like you,
I wake you with a kiss,
then together we watch the the world sleeping,

Who sleeps does not perceive,
what is happening around them ,
because even knowledge also needs time
to see things as they really are

Your look, my mirror, like a spoken word,
through you - I understand,
what is valuable, what is precious, what is important
and what is beautiful.

poem by Christine Dumbsky
english lyric proofread/alteration: Mike Goodwin

Frauenbilder ... sind im besten Falle von Frauen geschaffene Abbildungen von Frauen.Die Sommeracher Malerin Christine Dumbsky entkleidet diesen Begriff allerdings etwas seiner Programmatik, die ihm gerade wegen seiner Allgemeinheit seit seines hufigeren Auftauchens im Dunstkreis der Frauenbewegung anhaftet - zumindest auf den ersten Blick. Christine Dumbskys Frauen scheinen vor allem an der Vermittlung ihrer eigenen Welt nach auen interessiert, sie provozieren gar noch, wo skulpturale Elemente aus dem Bild ragen, den Betrachter zur Berhrung verleiten. Sie reduziert ihre Frauen nicht zum Gegenstand mnnlicher Phantasien, die genau das, was sie anzeigen, ohnehin nicht mehr einzulsen vermchten. Christine Dumbsky propagiert keinen sexuellen Voyeurismus. Ihre Frauen bewahren sich ihre Geheimnisse, verklren sie mitunter gar, und erweisen sich wohl gerade deshalb berhaupt willens und fhig, sie mit jemanden zu teilen. Es sind Frauen mit Sehnschten und Illusionen und mit dem Wunsch verstanden zu werden. Da sich die Malerin eine vertrumte, romantische Ader erhalten hat, ist nicht nur Voraussetzung solcher Bilder, sondern macht auch deren besonderen Charme aus. Wolf-Dietrich Weissbach (freier Journalist) Paintings of women ... are in the best case from women created reflections of women. On first view the Sommerach painter Christine Dumbsky appears to undress the concept from it's objective that was straight clinging the concept, according to it's more often appearing meaning in the orbit of the women's movement - at least at the first view. Christine Dumbsky`s women seem to be interested in showing their inner world to the outer world, provocatively. Where sculptural elements released from the picture frame, tempt the viewer to touch. Her women are not reduced to the objects of men`s fantasy. Christine Dumbsky is not supporting sexual voyerism. Her women retain their secrets, transfigure them and yet are evident and capable of sharing themselves as they are, just because of this. They are women with longing and illusions desiring to be understood. That the artist has a dreamy, romantic streak is not only a pre-requisite for her work, it is also what gives it it`s special charm. Wolf-Dietrich Weissbach (Journalist) la femme Aussi loin que je me souvienne, j'ai toujours peint- C'tait et c'est toujours pour moi comme une force positive. J'ai dvelopp mon style personnel au cours des dernires annes, durant lesquelles les femmes ont toujours t dans l'ombre sur le plan artistique. A l'heure actuelle pour mon travail je prfre la technique mixte a l'acrylique avec des composants en relief sur panneaux de bois.Au premier abord l'aspect rotique peut paratre vident pour l'observateur, mais pour moi c'est secondaire, en fait la "femme" et ses sentiments est le sujet et le leitmotiv de mon travail.La signification premire de cette approche est : les femmes vues par une femme. further info with current biography you'll findat the website of the artist at the direct url: Dumbsky's Press reviews at the followint direct url: Creativ Manager A&R at Touch & Go Music administered by Warner/Chappell 1996 - today freelance artistMain fields: Erotic Art and Bodypainting, Make-up and Styling, Webdesign & Programming 1996 Start up own internetsite with over 1 Mio. visitors till today 1998 Gamedesign for the US Erotic-Game Company "Intimate Details" 1998 Helgoland "Art is an island" 1998 Gallery Hurshman Whitewater USA 1998 Snowboardworldcup, Austria 1999 Enkheimer Kunstraum Arte Erotic, Frankfurt 1999 Galerie Raum & Kunst, Hamburg 1999 Artwall New York, Woodstock Revival Festival 1999 Photoprojects with Elliott Landy(orig. Woodstockphotographer ) 1999 Funkaustellung Berlin and Fine Art Gallery New York 1999 Nassau Museum of Art New York 2000 Snowboard Worldcup, Italy 2000 Intrepid Museum, NY City, Artists for peace & environment 2000 City Hall Sommerach 2000 Kulturfoyer Erftkreis, Cologne 2000 Artperformance Troja 2000, Lneburg 2001 Perry Rhodan Publishing 2001 Via Gallery, Boston USA 2001 Hua Cui Artists Association, Tianjin/CHINAInternational Art-Exhibition and Studies 2000/2002 Via Gallery, Boston USA 2002 Expo 02, Swiss 2003 Eurogalerie, Saarbrcken 2003 + 2004 Artwall + PerformanceYoung & Free Event (Leadership: ministry of culture) 2004 Galerie Wegano, Nordheim 2005/2006 Art on Cars Project - Art project of the Vogelparkregion Walsrode 2005/2006 Art on Zebra's - Commercial art project of the MSV Duisburg 2005 Hewlett-Packard - HP Lab University 2005 Tenefire, Canary Island, Body Art Workshop with Elliott Landy 2006 International Festival of Colors Freiburg 2006 Karlstadt "rot und erotisch" 2007 var. commercial Art Projects e.g. Prosol, Wrth, Art on Cows Garmisch-Partenkirchen etc. 2007 ITB Berlin for tourism marketing and agency Saxonia on behalf of the ministry for economics and work Saxonia

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