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d'ART ID#: 29827
Length: 12.00 in (30.48 cm)
Height: 12.00 in (30.48 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: no
Year Created: 2000
Dominant colors
Media Types
Digital Impression Painting
Style & Subject
Abstract Figurative
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Rick Chinelli

Deformed Thought

Other - $150.00

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All of these Digital Paintings can be printed proportionaly larger.Inquire for pricing.Printed on heavy glossy or matte photo paper, signed and numbered. Limited to 50 prints.

The image expressions that follow are a testament to the commitment I've been striving for to express my life. Without these 'expressive links' , the fight to live creatively is lost to mediocrity.Explore your links to creativity and so to the life source. Statement The following institutes and schools:Brooks Institute of PhotographyAcademy of Art, San FranciscoNew York Film AcademyAmerican Academy of Art - ChicagoThe New England Institute of Art - BostonInternational Academy of Design & Technology - SeattleThe Art Institute of Vancouver Vancouver have nothing to do with me.Yes, Ive had some schooling -some college and a smattering ofart and life drawing workshops but I am, by and large, self-taught.Through reading, research and observation I haveand will continue to learn the lawsof form, function, color and proportion.All of my technical understanding of cameras, computers and software has beenlearned through documentation and by persistent trial and error.The evolution of my creative self has been anendeavor of self discovery. Denial and the taking for granted of my given gifts were part of that process.I am now, however, on a continuing journeyfilling my life with the passion of the visual.Without the ongoing search of my artistic naturethe voice is vanquished and the life ends.

Profile best ! patrickG:-)))  
Profile strange but beauitful  
Profile FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR OUT! (sounds of rolling thunder in the background...) The painting deserves a rating better than the ranking in the rating system in the present day! (sounds of rolling thunder in the background...)  
Profile No , you don't sound me any way. I will have to digest the statements you made....thank you for the bountiful input...It'll keep me busy for days!(ah ha) Concepually speaking... most of my pcs. are executed without thought to a specific image . I generally sit down and draw wha...  
Profile Doing computer-based art i think is very difficult. As it is limited by the number of options that the programmer gives the artist - the artist has to be careful not to become a slave of the program. The other flaw the computer-based art suffers in general (in my opinion) is the introduction of a...  
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