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My work is done in whatever medium is needed,since masking is used oil paints don't work well with this proposition.All this is a study and not product m

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Jay Smithline

Jay Smithline  Artwork
Paint on the floor
Jay Smithline

Photography - $999.00

Being Sold by dots
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FUNIST FACT # 23 / the last gasp
I have been working on the floor for over 10 years
do you see the hidden meaning????????

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Profile we only have to see it! very strong!patrickG:-)  
Profile I think this may be your best piece yet. No mind strikes again. We should let you paint the gallery floor -- it would look a helluva lot better than the carpet. Is this piece for sale? Does it come with attached walls and a roof?  
Profile Hey Dad, just checking out your stuff. I love it, I can't wait to see it in person. I got a new van (with hot pink interior!!!!) and will be seeing you soon. Probably be stopping in Kanorado, Kansas on the drive to Lalaland, want any super suvaneeeers? love you, gillian  
Profile DOODY is in the eye of the beholder. oh dots this is the best yet!!! what space ! the use of color , light, the pallet of rich textures is there a classy french word to describe this ??????? NIGEL.P. Funistmiester semi retired gynecologist.............  
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