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d'ART ID#: 62148
Length: 41.00 IN (104.14 cm)
Height: 19.00 IN (48.26 cm)
Depth: 11.00 IN (27.94 cm)
Framed: no
Dominant colors
Media Types
Marble Stone
Style & Subject
Abstract Conceptual Figurative
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Eric Hiss

Eric Hiss  Artwork
Eric Hiss

Sculpture - $12,000.00

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?Agnostism? Carved statuario marble on a bardilio stone base. 41 inches long

This piece conceptually represents the unanswerable question of whether there is a god or not. Because I have chosen to depict two arms wrestling over a globe does not mean that I am somehow linking this piece to any religious wars or personal confrontation. This piece is more philosophical and its more important that I have chosen to make the globe hollow indicating that the while much effort has been made to reach the answer it may well be empty.

I am currently seeking gallery representation.About my Art:I have three main themes or interests that I explore in my art.1) The human form: To me the human form is the most beautiful subject of all. (see the sculpture "marble figure" or any of the figurative photos for an example)2) The concept of uncertainty is fascinating. How much do we know about what we don't know? Is there a god or not? Why are we here? These are questions that just might not have an answer ... or maybe they do? :-) (see "Agnostism", "Claw" or "Wave Tree" or "Chasing Ghosts" for examples)3) Exploring the boundaries between art and utility? Is craft art? Is industrial design art? Is it still art if you use it as a tool? If you enjoy it is it art? I sure hope so! (this is what the "Hungry Businessman" is about)I try to make beautiful things for people to enjoy and also think about. My feeling is that the world is shocking enough these days, so why hit people with a rude image of a rotting body part or gross sexual act and then have the audacity to call it art? It?s lazy and its been done. I'm interested in beauty and passion and luckily for me I find it everywhere when I just pause a moment to look. My aim is to share this beauty and passion with you through my art.About me: My childhood hero was Leonardo da Vinci and perhaps that explains why I have done so many different things so far in my life from science and engineering to art with a little business sprinkled in between. I think all my different experiences give me a unique advantage as an artist. Here?s a brief run down in reverse chronological order: Sculptor and Art Photographer 2000- Present Start-Up Business Consultant 1999-2002 President of Judy?s Candy Company 1999-2000 Co-Founder of The Crucible, a non-profit arts/vocational school 1998-1999 Business / Manufacturing Consultant for Manex 1997-1999 Director of Engineering for Operon Technologies, a biotech company that makes synthetic DNA and custom genes. 1992-1996 Started and folded a furniture company called Jetson Iron 1994 Research Scientist for Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories 1989-1992I've also done work as a finish carpenter, a woodworker, a teacher, a computer programmer, a computer sales guy, and as an intern for the then Senate Majority Leader (I won?t say who). Additionally I ran the unofficial Cal Alumni Ice Hockey (B) team called the Kodiaks and played center and right wing as captain.I hold a dual degree from Cal. Berkeley in Physics (B.A) and Fine Art (B.A.) 1990 however I have studied electrical engineering and computer science at Carnegie-Mellon University and CU Boulder.Recent Shows: March 2003 - Solo Show of photography " Passion Flower: A Small Green World" PYS, Piemont, CA January 2003 - Solo Show, sculpture and photography at theNexus Gallery, Berkeley, CA Press Coverage:San Francisco Art Magazine, July 2002San Francisco Chronicle March 12, 1999 "Founders Cast the Crucible as a Melting Pot for East Bay Artists"

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