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Lueck Sculptural Steel

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Nationally recognized representational artist creating immaculately detailed sculptures for corporate, public and private collections. My focus is on noble themes of direct metal art understood by artists, welders and people not commonly drawn to the art world.

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Brady Lueck

Brady Lueck  Artwork
Don Quijote
Brady Lueck

Sculpture - $1,000.00

Being Sold by bradylueck
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Reminiscent of Picassos Don Quijote, this whimsical miniature sculpture is an elegant representation of the idealistic knight errant and his horse Rocinante.

My art has been expressed through various media though welded steel is a preferred medium. My work in steel has a range from wildlife, science as well as noble themes. I believe that art should elevate human achievement and communicate the rational nature of mankind. My focus is to create work that tells a story and uplifts people in the spirit of Romanticism. My objective is to create work that inspires and engages the viewer. Each work is understood and appreciated by artists, welders and people not commonly drawn to the art world. My name is Brady Lueck, a nationally recognized artist from Southeastern Wisconsin focusing on welded steel as a direct metal art medium. I have lived in many Wisconsin communities including my hometown of Fort Atkinson. In May of 1994, I earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Though my education was business focused, I earned many additional credits in Art focused primarily in ceramics. After graduation I began working in a number of industries including construction, sales and international business. In 1999, after returning from a long-term overseas assignment in Thailand I entered a welding program at Gateway Technical College . It was important to me to become a skilled welder before launching into a sculpture career. It is with this confidence in my technical skills that I can tackle challenges of large structural art projects. I use many unconventional approaches to texture sculpture surfaces. As a result, surface welds and other non-critical welds are often subjected to artistic license. In some surface welds porosity is introduced to affect the texture though never adverse to the structural integrity of the piece. I believe that some of these techniques might make my work notable and discernable from the works of others. At the end of the year 2000 I left my management position with a struggling international reseller. At that juncture I returned to school full-time to complete my welding certificate and began creating major works out of steel.

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