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My work is done in whatever medium is needed,since masking is used oil paints don't work well with this proposition.All this is a study and not product m

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Jay Smithline

Jay Smithline  Artwork
table saw- a- poo sled
Jay Smithline

Functional Art - $2.95

Being Sold by dots
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# 23,000 in the huge bunch-o poo sled tiles anybody want to tile thier dumpster ??????? next up
a good use for dead batteries and what to do with those wire coat hangers now that Joan is Dead ( ???)

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Profile I am not sure if you were addressing my "cool" statement. I really like this piece and will try to quit using cool...But I do find that most people I have come into contact with say "interesting" when they can't think of anything nice to say, I suppose it is all in HOW it is said though. So I will r...  
Profile "cool" is saying nothing for such a work. "Great stuff" is ok. Better to say, this is an "interesting" work. The single tiles are well elaborated. I point out nevertheless that, in my opinion, the single tiles have more value than themselves as a whole. I mean that the tiles D2, B3, and C3, as singl...  
Profile I love this. It has a metalic feeling to it. I expect to touch it and feel sheet metal or something!!!! Good job!!!  
Profile Expirimentation is essentially what art is for me personally Jay. My artistic life operates a fer(tile)!! laboratory for new (and old) ideas. I have already critiqued one of Cassy's works which are, as you say, wonderful multi-layered textile-like creations. Keep the 'strange patterns' coming please...  
Profile this was really an experiment, have you seen our new member cassy's great woven canvases? she is a friend from the gallery and i love her stuff....i hope she posts more,she inspired me to do some random things with old paintings lying around i have about 60 more of the tiles and they are like puzz...  
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