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My work is done in whatever medium is needed,since masking is used oil paints don't work well with this proposition.All this is a study and not product m

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Jay Smithline

Jay Smithline  Artwork
Jay Smithline

Functional Art - $4,700.00

Being Sold by dots
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AND on the seventh day the FUNISTs rested it's hard being idols and sex objects........this Dolly is covered with a plush green carpet to accentuate your stylish and tastefull can carry up to 400 pounds of FUNIST POO SLEDS TO YOUR DUMPSTER and impress your pets when you tape them to it and push it into oncoming traffic (hey just kidding ) for we are FUNISTS FROM ZIMDAR and art movement from the bowels of your id some call us a bowel movement
instead of the sensitve artists that we are desperately crying out for help in your eurythmic little world oh and what does eurythmic mean ?????? who cares love us fondle us and make us wealthy beyound our dreams.......or ignore us and have some soup......

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Profile where's your soup?  
Profile Now does everyone see the genius in this piece? Morry would have been proud of you Mr. dots. The juxtaposition of the inanimate object, hinting at signs of life, against the living floor, placed in the surreal enviornment of a broom closet in an attempt to communicate the vibrations of the green car...  
Profile what does it mean :... 2001 MODEL, GREAT CONDITION 4 WEEL DRIVE, PLASTIC TURFGRASS SUPERIOR. ???  
Profile i can block my self from self crits.......things will remain very cliquey but atleast my disordered personallitys . all 18 totally inept ,smug, and socially deseased will remain at bay until provoked by a sudden shock..........salvdor Dali's real name was Morry Handtruck ,the rest is history...  
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