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My work is done in whatever medium is needed,since masking is used oil paints don't work well with this proposition.All this is a study and not product m

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Jay Smithline

Jay Smithline  Artwork
Marino the Elder forgery
Jay Smithline

Original Paintings - $6,317.00

Being Sold by dots
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bought this on eBaaay and it has to be a forgery how dumb do they think i am (don't answer) he never signed his name BoB and i know for a fact that the
" I'm with Stupid " tee shirt or dress did not appear till
the late 19th.century but it is worth $ 6317,00
isn't it ??????

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Profile . . . . Funism ! Lad   
Profile i'll believe anything that Marino the Elder did this when he was teaching that art forum at the slave camp in the Bahamas you know like Gaugan worked at club med in the easter islands except we know he got laid there SO MUCH forgery out there i worked at club crazy eddie with captain...  
Profile all this and 3000 miles apart. The world turly is a small palce. There is beauty everywhere!  
Profile i haven't seen him on the shopping network lately mmmmmm could be him or maybe real artists ???? naw !!! this could be a sticky wicket,a show for fox or m.t.v. a good way to take a nap.........   
Profile # 1 Marino the Elder never signed his name " BOB " # 2 everyone knows that the " I'm With Stupid " shirts didn't even exist in 1839 give me a break.......... # 3 the noses and teeth are wrong # 4 Marino the Elder never did the eyes like that,they were...  
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