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d'ART ID#: 84384
Length: 20.00 in (50.80 cm)
Height: 24.00 in (60.96 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: no
Dominant colors
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Style & Subject
Floral Representational
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Oksana Sulimova

Oksana Sulimova  Artwork
Oksana Sulimova

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Oksana Sulimova-Tombler is an inspired professional artist who has been painting since she was five years of age. At the top of her class, she attended and received her diploma from the Kaluga College of Culture. Certified as a professional artist, art teacher and art business manager, Oksana would go on to attend Moscow University in the 1990's. Oksana now lives with her husband in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she continues to pursue her passion for art both as a professional artist and as an art instructor. Her signature work has focused on moments in time and the inner emotional realm of women. Her styles have varied from impressionist to representational but each work is a unique statement. Her motto is perspective changes how we view our world.Oksana's oil paintings and charcoal portraits have been said to possess both emotional depth and breadth. Her deeply romantic approach to subjects as varied as portrait and figurative drawings, landscapes, city and country scenes, and flowers of many varieties coupled with her attention to colors and form have made her popular amongst art connoisseurs and collectors across two continents. Oksana is a member of the National Association of Women Artists (N.A.W.A.) and an artist member of the Russian Americans United Council of the Arts.Artists Statement:I come from a family of artists. Both my parents were trained artist but my dad left when I was very young. I was raised by my mom and she has been painting since she was a child as well and her work has included commissioned art, original and master work recreations as well as traditional Russian icon work, which can be very challenging. There is a definite shared bond in our interests, though I have my own unique approach to subjects. My mom remains a big inspiration to me. I often ask myself, what she might say about one aspect or another as I am completing a project. I admire how she was able to continue on as an independent, self-supporting, professional artist and a single mom in a culture that made it a big challenge to do so. Despite the rhetoric, in the Soviet Union, a single woman raising a child did not have the advantages that a man did in the market place; it was just a simple fact of life. Women seemed to work twice as hard to only gain half as much.My work is focused on moments in time which evoke an emotional response much like memories of a moment we hold throughout our lives which are sometimes whimsical and sometimes dark but always unforgettable.Ultimately, my goal is to elicit an emotional response. While I may explore some deep psychological territory from time to time, I do not appreciate work which is too jarring to the eye, at least not in my own art. I also like to experiment and have fun. I have several thematic works that I will never provide a description of what originally inspired them. It is really up to the viewer to find their connection with the work. So, while there may be a story, I dont feel that I necessarily have to relate it outside of the work itself. Of course, many times explanation of the work isnt an issue at all, such as several of my paintings which include themes around cats. The work is simply an amusement, something that many people can readily relate to. On a more serious note, many of my works do have a womans point of view such as The Wall. There can be distinct differences in life perspective just based on ones experiences as a woman both in my former home in Russia and here in the United States. Even with some different facets, the vantage point does cross cultures. It was such a thrill to see that a woman poet had found my work Mystic Moment and posted it as an inspiration for one of her poems on line, it really is a shared bond.My most unusual work experience was as a headstone portrait artist in Russia. I would work with several other artists, each of us independently working on our own projects, in a warehouse building adjacent to a cemetery that was almost eerily quiet at times. Nevertheless, I found this exercise to be very satisfying. It can be an unforgiving media, so it really helped to further develop my portrait skills. The most profound change in my life was moving to the United States in 2004 and my marriage. It really marks the most prolific period of my life and it hasnt stopped since I arrived. I feel that I can express myself more freely through my art work here, there is less day to day tension in just living life which has been invaluable to me as an artist.

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