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d'ART ID#: 86115
Length: 20.00 cm
Height: 28.00 cm
Depth: 20.00 cm
Framed: no
Dominant colors
Media Types
Style & Subject
Figurative Portrait Youth
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Chaim Tamir

Chaim Tamir  Artwork
Study For Anat's Head
Chaim Tamir

Sculpture - $2,000.00

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This sculpture is available in a limited BRONZE EDITION. Enlargement can be made to any size according to request.

Artist Statement for Chaim Tamir My art is an experience to express myself in an imaginative and visual language, which tries to combine old and new. I try to describe the substance and spirit of the figures through vibrate lines and rough textures. These lines also reflect in a certain sense the violence and tension of the present Israeli society. The sculptures that I design are figurative with a strong tendency toward the abstract. The subjects are traditional, but they are presented with innovative elements, which are taken from modern technology and new approaches to drawing and sculpture. Generally I make figures of men, women and animals, which look sometimes legendary. They are seen deformed, blunt and sometimes grotesque. The finishing degree is like a sketch and they are seen as "unfinished".I do not like to be engaged in small details: the most important thing for me is to express a general conception and be able to explain the subject, the action and movement of the body. A part of my inspiration is taken from the old masters, and I try to combine subjects from the past, with an innovative approach. BIOGRAPHY Tamir Chaim was born in 1947 in Austria, where he emigrated from, with his parents to Israel. He has been involved in plastic art for the last thirty years. He studied classical drawing for five years under Josef Shwarzman(former teacher at the Berlin academy of art, who immigrated to Israel in 1993. He himself was a student of Kthe Kollwitz The great German Expressionist) and under Moshe Rozentalis for two years. He also studied in several schools and art courses in Israel. For 10 years he worked as graphic designer. His paintings were presented in several solo exhibitions in Israel. ExhibitionsBeit Yad lebanim Hoolon 1975Hamishkan leomanoot Hoolon 1976Hamishkan leomanooiot Yafo 1978Beit yad lebanim Tel Aviv 1979Beit yad lebanim Petac Tikva 1980Beit Emanuel Ramat Gan 1981Beit Hachial Tel Aviv 1983Beit Tnuat Hamoshavym 1984Habima Theater lobby 1985 Acadia Hotel lobby1986Keter coffee-Dyzengoff Tel Aviv 1987Beit Tnuat Hamoshavym 2000Beit Hatanac Museum 2005Reviews for Chaim Tamir:Agora Gallery. Soho, New York. Contemporary fine art gallery located in Soho , New York City Dear Chaim Tamir, ...I am pleased to inform you that your work qualifies for Agora Gallery representation. ...Agora Gallery is located at 415 West Broadway, New York, NY. ...Your sculpture is very powerful; the work delights in self-expression. The figurative pieces inform and challenge, bringing to light a set of a whole new perspective that is unique and compelling. ...We hope you will find it important to be a part of our family of artists and a member of the SOHO community, one of the most important centers of the art world...I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Angela Di Bello Director

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