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d'ART ID#: 87429
Length: 60.00 cm
Height: 25.00 cm
Depth: 0.00 cm
Framed: yes
Year Created: 2003
Media Types
Acrylic Digital Impression Painting
Style & Subject
Marine Seascape
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Elio Pastore

Elio Pastore  Artwork
Silent sailing
Elio Pastore

Digital Art - $450.00

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Acrylic and digital on canvas. Original artwork.

Elio Stefano PASTORE was born in Turin (Italy), where he lives and works. He has got a degree in Law, and works in the communication field for a big public company acquiring a twenty-year experience in that sector. He started using PC in 1998 for creative necessities relating to his job, discovering little by little its fascinating power and making it a trustful and indispensable tool. Fond of photography, travels and mountains, he has often put together these interests, getting numerous awards in photography contests and publishing his picture stories on different magazines. His artistic life - started in 1992 - has found in the digital art his ideal medium of expression; infact the digital art allows him to draw inspiration from the objectivity but to filter it through his personal life, so transforming it in an ideal and essential reality, spread through an emotionally intimate atmosphere. From this synergy between a personal sensibility and a technical mastery, were born pictorial imagines devoid of modern references and contaminations, creating a world with no time suspended between magic realism and poetry. Starting from the year 2000, from the original production, he has led in a parallel way, a personal research on forms and colours, freeing himself from the pre-set bonds, exploring the creative and artistic possibilities of the digital drawing. This experience, still going on, has its start from the generation of fractals, then elaborated and expressed in a pictorial form. In the last period he has experimented both a return to figuration, no more originated from a previous automatic release of a camera, but directly created as a virtual reality with the computer, and a contamination of different genres and particularly between the fractal art and the figurative art. From 1994 he shows his works in personal and collective exhibitions. Works of art by Elio Pastore are on permanent show at the art gallery "Bis" of Buttigliera Alta (Turin, Italy) and at the art gallery "Metamorfosi" of Reggio Emilia (Italy). He have been invited by the City of Turin to held a workshop on the digital art, during the display "WEB DAYS 2003" (Turin, 24-26 October 2003).One of his works of Art "Le code del Drago" has been chosen by the Treccani Encyclopedia Institute to show the item "Computer Art" on the "Encyclopedia for Children" coming soon. Elio Pastore is a member of Promotrice delle Belle arti and Cenacolo Casorati Association in Turin. REVIEWSElisa Bergamino - 2005Elio Pastore uses the new technologies to create mental worlds. He does it using the experience and the taste of a person who has always mastered the traditional art, for his own personal and reckless undertaking. The "Virtual Art" that comes out from the computer screen, manipulating programmes and images is nothing else that the contemporary expression, what will be in the future, of the new way of the painter's making art. One of the question could be in such a creative sector the subject, the content of the work of art is not fully or partly replaced by the instrument or by its employment. Infact, to create artificially an image by using the keyboard, the mouse and the computer can bring the author to unexpected results, to center his interest more on the formation of the image than on the ideas that is the hub of his activity. His work can be a form of elaboration of the content that almost replace the subject itself. In Elio Pastore's work, on the contrary, the digital art is even an instrument to define the originality of his own fantastic universe, to tell fairy tales that hide, behind the appearance of the story, symbols and metaphors, teachings and universal values. As in a tale, in a parable, from the single part is defined the universal and vice versa: that is also the structure of the so called "Fractal Art" always different from the structure, unique and unrepeatable, even if endlessly repeated as in the throng of snowflakes, in the cosmic heap of galaxies, in the casual formation and dissolution of the clouds.There is some of Pop Art in this use of multiplying the image, but the Art made by Pastore, obviously, goes beyond the concept of a statement against the consumption on which Andy Warhol's thought and work founded; to reach and define a new aesthetic and stylistic meters in which the forms, the colours and the lines defining the space follow one another, repeat and run one after another in highly imaginative and kaleidoscopic whirls. As keeping intact, in each of his work of art, something that reminds to the figurative arts, as a link to reality, the most mature side of Pastore's personality, is his contamination of the arts genres, a sort of creative globalisation where the uniqueness of the work of art mingles with the universality. From photography to the traditional painting, from the drawing to the Virtual Art, from the electronic elaborations to the traditional experimentations, Pastore has been able to find an equilibrium his thoughts revolve around, giving origin to surreal and dreamlike worlds, but also perfectly real, because his thoughts originating from an authentic love for the Art and for the beauty. " The only way to make experiences that is not possible to make in real terms is only through the art and the literature" said Solzenitsyn, and perhaps it is just that hope, that illusion to push the artists to compare to the " otherness" of the existence.

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