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d'ART ID#: 164375
Length: 156.00 in (396.24 cm)
Height: 52.00 in (132.08 cm)
Depth: 0.00 in (0.00 cm)
Framed: yes
Dominant colors
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Juergen Eckstein

Juergen Eckstein  Artwork
According To Ishmael
Juergen Eckstein

Original Paintings - $6,200.00

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Our world- Mountain of self-destruction. They told us things are getting better. We see things are getting better. They didn't tell us the price we would have to pay. Let's not ask these silly questions. Others will have to pay first. Many are paying already with their health, their beliefs, their places and houses, their world, their lives. Yes, but that is far away for us. You cannot ignore progress. We need food, we need health, we need comfort, we need machines to keep fit, we need power to keep peace. We can afford it, we are the progress. Who is 'we'? WE are told not to ask questions. Selfishness of a few.
4 panels 52x39 each

With his paintings, the artist tries to stimulate the viewer to think about and look what is behind the shiny surface of things and activities around us in daily life and society. "Don't take everything for it's face value....look at what is behind the shiny surface". Born in Germany, Juergen Eckstein has lived in Cologne, Germany, Tokyo, Singapore and Los Angeles and has shown his work internationally. He settledon the Oregon coast in 2000.Eckstein, an autodidact, has no formal arteducation. He is self-taught, having learnedfrom doing, experimenting and playingwith various media since childhood.Eckstein is mainly a painter, working with oils on canvas, and also works three dimensionally with wood, ceramics and glass. His style is abstract with elements of figurative subjects challenging the viewers to use their own imagination about content, form and look at what is behind the immediate surface.In his work, everthing is not evident at first glance. If youve shown everything, there is nothing left to see, says Eckstein.His carved wood sculpture,Some However, stands at the North side of the Performing Art Center in Newport.

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