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Hiss, Eric - Abstract figurative sculptures and fine art photographs in black and white and color that explore the beauty of the human form. Additional photography includes floral, people and cityscapes. Featured!
, Zoom O - Stone Sculptures, One of a kind. I start with one rock and end up with one sculpture. Highly polished abstract work, veiwable from 360 degrees.
anush, ayelet - Experimental,glass design studio in Australia creating sculptural , architectural and functional glass objects, utilizing printing casting curving painting etc. in conjunction with other materials
anush, ayelet - Experimental design studio in Australia creating sculptura ,architectural and functional glass objects, utilizing printing casting curving painting etc. in conjunction with other materials
Biesenbach, Gina - Native American and Wildlife paintings and sculpture. Also etched rocks, and rocks painted as the animals that their Mother Nature natural shapes represent.
Cela, Doris - International sculptor. Specializes in stone, metal, and wood sculptures depicting abstract forms that are approachable and elicit emotions and feelings. Visit her online gallery.
Darjania, Besarion - I am a cameo carver working on ivory, shell, gemstones. I accept orders and can teach cameo carving to interested persons.
Davis, Ginia - Nature's sculpture...My painting. No files or chisels guaranteed. The natural formation of the rock inspired the painting you see.
Fontinel, Sarah - Sarah Fontinel produces intricate and unique mosaic and glass artwork that is suitable for any size project, indoor/outdoor, gallery, architectural, corporate office, restaurant, hotel, community, or home.
Jaskevich, Jane - The expressive figurative sculptures of Jane Jaskevich combine elements from the ancient and modern.Different materials are sometimes joined to create mystical animals and figures in stone, wood and bronze.
Morris, Dale - Dale Morris, is a southwestern hardwoods and fused glass artist, specializing in "one of a kind" Mesquite furnishings with Turquoise inlay or fused glass.
Niles, Kim - Hand painted pet and animal portraits on the unusual canvas of naturally sculpted stones of the Puget Sound.
Pendergrass, J.P. (Jeff) - Sculptures in Steel, Copper, Brass and Stone. The "Man's Nature" Series depicts the Greed, Pride and Ignorance evident in man's treatment of the Environment.
Rachel, Robert - Hand carved representational pieces in wood of contemporary, polish sculptor.
Schmidt, Jochem - Sculptures/carvings in marble of the female figure/torso by Jochem Schmidt under the title "bodyworks".
St-Pierre, Denis - Self-educated sculptor of the area Coast-North in Quebec. Present woodcarvings, horn of deer tribe, metal and stone. Private park of giant sculptures to Longue-Rive. Free access of at the beginning of May to at the end of October.
Steimle, Robert - A collection of the creative works of RW.Steimle.
Stevens, Joseph T. - Exceptional fine art, oil paintings, prints and stone sculpture. Classically primitive work of a mature artist available to those with cultivated taste and developing income. Commissions accepted, provenance provided.
Sweeney, Shane - The artist produces both modern and traditional designs in carved stone, wood and glass, woven carpets, lithographs and murals.
Vans, Jamie - Stone sculpture for garden, gallery and home. All piece is unique, carved by hand.
Vinciguerra, Vincenzo - Realizable Christian icons painted by hand in the ancient Byzantine techniques, on wood seasoned with lime plaster. Egg tempera and white wine with Armenian bole gilding the gold 23 3 / 4 K. Painted Olifa. Issue certificate authenticity hologram.
Weitzel, Cindy - Wildlife artist Cindy Weitzel creates beautiful art work on canvas as well as slate. Unique in design and true to life. Wolves, bears, eagles, birds, and other animals.
Yazzie, Larry - Award-winning Navajo Indian sculptor, Larry works in stone and bronze. Contemporary and traditional themes. Commissions and monumental works.
Goertz, Janet - Breaking the Mold presents sculpture for sale including fantasy figures, human forms, nature themed plaques, and animal reliefs by sculptor, Janet Goertz.
McAnerny, Sarah - Design Studio Featuring Hand-Painted Stone Tile Murals, Fine Art and Wall Hangings, Home Accessories, and Tableware. All artwork created by Three Artistic Sisters in Arizona. We also license our art.
Nutt, William - Original abstract and representational stone sculpture by a Vermont artist working in marble, limestone and dolomite.

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