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Alcon/Landsberg, Lianne/Bryan - A nice blend of figurative abstraction by Landsberg and some expressionistic and impressionistic landscapes and flamenco dancers by Alcon.
Aleksandrovna, Solovjova Antonina - Solovjova Antonina Aleksandrovna was born in 1935. She was taught watercolours by master H.Tezner in Germany.
Araripe, Oscar - Oscar Araripe personal gallery/ Painting Ink & Pen Exhibitions.
Athouguia, Luis - Portuguese Contemporary Art – Post surreal abstraction.
Averina, Masha - Fairy tales, flowers, birds, trees, and other fancy pictures. Colorful art works in gouache, watercolors, and tempera on paper.
Awae, Yumiko - art consisting of acrylics, ink, pencil, watercolor and other mixed media. i'm currently looking for a place to exhibit my work.
Alastra, Deborah Eve - Neo Impressionistic style original watercolors and giclee prints; large unique florals, landscapes, interiors, window views. Available for licensing. By Capitola artist, Deborah Eve Alastra.
Araya, Jorge - Versatile in the arts of painting in oil acrylic water pencil and pen and point. Costa Rican art!
awret, irene - fine art prints of peace and love. Very reasonably priced.

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