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De Marchi, lucian - MuranoArts LLC, provides unique, rare fine & contemporary Murano chandeliers, wood & glass sculptures. All of our items are only made in Murano, Italy. For more information, please contact us-888-666-5076. Featured!
Mian-Starr, Carol & Imran - Carol and Imran Mian-Starr design and create hand carved and inlaid art - furniture in solid wood: wooden chests, tables, jewelry boxes, frames, armoires etc... Featured!
Morlan, Johnny {J W} - Handcrafted artistic wood creations including desk accessories, jewelry boxes, small collector's showcases. Each signed, dated, numbered with certificate and documents organized in an elegant folder. Featured!
Pipis, Betzi - Betzi Pipis, through the use of bold colors and a passion for the abstract, introduces her own approach and unique images as an artist.... Featured!
Anna, SuZanna - SuZanna Anna Mid Century Inspired Modern Art: Abstract Paintings. Wood Wall Sculptures & Redwood Table Top Sculptures.
Barnard, Sophie - Zaka, carved wooden masks & totems, that are painted in brilliant colors using acrylics.Using recycled tropical hardwoods slavaged in a enviromently friendly manner.
Berno, Stefano - Sculptor.
Berry, B.J. - Woodworking and scrolling at its finest. Every subject item imaginable. Excellent for business start up with wholesale prices.
Biscari, Stefano - Biscari brings to life images and thoughts from the twelfth dimensional experiences with vibrant colors, that inspire and tantalize the imagination.
Byrnes, Julie - An Australian artist and sculptor working on Australian themes through contemporay art.
Carr, William - Carr Studios specializes in original, fully detailed, highly realistic bird carvings and wildlife sculpture.
Cela, Doris - International sculptor. Specializes in stone, metal, and wood sculptures depicting abstract forms that are approachable and elicit emotions and feelings. Visit her online gallery.
Cologon, Ray - Cologon utilises precious and exotic woods to create exquisitely detailed turned and carved wood art. His work is evocative and timeless and explores metaphysical themes.
Cross, Ed - Ed Cross, a British artist working on the Kenyan coast, uses fragments of ruined dugout canoes to create extraordinary sculpture.
Davis, James Alan - James Alan Davis carves wildlife sculptures from oldgrowth redwood driftwood.
Eland, Ric - Maine sculptor Ric Eland's unique interpretive wildlife art sculpture offers the beauty of the natural wood grains along with the essence of the subject.
Emelyanov, Dmitry - Religious and other Miniature Sculpture of many materials - rare and other wood, Mastodon tusk ( bone of relic Elephant), ceramic, metal, etc. . Handworks. The Micro-Tools. Video and CD.
Friedlander, Brahm - Wood turnings
Hartmann, Claus & Birgit - The exclusive fine art of sculpting for yachts, tallships, residential buildings and public art spaces.
Herlihy, Jennifer - I paint animal portraits and people. Dog portraits are my specialty. Also featuring decorative art and Christmas ornaments painted on wood.
Idzelis, Rimantas - Painted wood sculpture as well as wood carvings by the artist.
Kinzer, Pit - the freelance artist Pit Kinzer shows his artprojects as installations, photography, "woodprints" etc.
Knight, Nicholas - New York Artist creating minimal, color field paintings, handprinted monotypes and woodcuts. Based in philosophy, astronomy, perception.
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Kriz, Milan - This is the Online Art Gallery and e-Catalog of czech venezuelan fine artist Milan Kriz.
Lopez, Allen - The Allen Lopez gallery of bird sculptures and decorative decoys includes waterfowl, sea birds, shorebirds, game birds, and birds of prey.
Male, Glenn - Glenn Male Artist. I work in found, recycled woods and objects. Some from friends who say," do something with this?". My work is mood driven and controlled by the tides. The work includes, sculpture, carving, computer art, photography. At times I merge all these mediums. I follow no rules.
Martin, Ron - I work in wood, clay, and stone. All art is southwestern. I work with chissels and mallot only.
Master, Linda - Hand carved animals, chip-carved names and dollhouse miniatures personalize pet/human cremation urns. Also drawing and painting.
McEntire, Jack - Human and animal figures carved out of red cedar with a chainsaw by award winning chainsaw artist Jack McEntire.
McNeill, Denny - Denny McNeill-Sculptor In Wood will take you on a tour of my website featuring a body of work spanning styles such as figurative, representational, abstract, and western.
Minton, Steven - Wood and steel sculptures.
Nguyen-Ely, Darlene - Contemporary Sculptures by a Vietnamese American Woman Sculptor-Darlene Nguyen-Ely.
owen, christopher - Kinetic "music boxes". Fine art jewelry. Solar and gas powered garden sculptures. Classic style landscapes in oil.
Palm, Emily - Gallery quality wood jewelry boxes, hair jewelry, and accessories handcrafted in fine hardwoods. Specializing in unique one-of-a-kind and limited edition sculpted boxes.
Pavlov, Gennady - This is the home page of birch-bark fine art wood carving by Russian artist Gennady Pavlov.
Postellon, Daniel - Wood sculpture inspired by science and saints.
Potterf, Toni - Visit our design studio for handcrafted fine wood gifts featuring burnt designs. Free shipping on all orders.
Sablons, Françoise - French artist. Oil on wood panel. Outsider class.
Scammell, David - Decorative Lifesize Decoys and Song Birds,carved from tupelo wood highly detailed and painted with acrylic paints.
Scane, John - Art and cabinetry by artist John Scane.
Sinsabaugh, Joe - Inspirations vary from flying scenes to water reflections, Indian petroglyphs to desecrated lands, flowers to skulls. My art depicts what I see, feel and think.
Slutsky, Stanford - Geometric Optical illusion Abstract Artwork
Smith, Alan - Unique Wood Sculpture by Alan Smith.
St-Pierre, Denis - Self-educated sculptor of the area Coast-North in Quebec. Present woodcarvings, horn of deer tribe, metal and stone. Private park of giant sculptures to Longue-Rive. Free access of at the beginning of May to at the end of October.
Stacy, Dave -
Sweeney, Shane - The artist produces both modern and traditional designs in carved stone, wood and glass, woven carpets, lithographs and murals.
Szenher, Phillip - We create artifacts inspired by the work of nineteenth century American artisans: folk figures, walking sticks, sea chests, ditty boxes, and pressed plants.
Tsering, Penpa - Hand carved contemporary Tibetan sacred art, including altars and meditation tables.
Valdez, Ray - This site is dedicated to showcasing beautiful, unique and quality furniture by artist Ray Valdez. He utilizes many amazing exotic species from around the world.
Vickers, Marques - Benicia, California Figurative Sculptor and Abstract Expressionist Painter Marques Vickers creates Iconic Totems blending steel and wood inspired by Moore, Arp, Brancusi and Neri.
Ward, Heather - Realistic wildlife drawings in charcoal, colored pencil and pyrography.
Ward, Tony - Tony Ward, craftsman of beautiful art sculptured boxes working with fine Australian timbers. Each work is individually crafted inspired by features of the timber. Blue Mountains, Australia.
Welles, Frank - I like to think of my paintings as interior (internal) landscapes. They're semi-abstract, often using skeleton-like forms and other anatomical details from insects and various natural organisms.
Williams, Alan - Woodcarving with a specialty in wine barrel head carving. Sub-categories include 3 dimensional illustration and other sculptural interpretation.
Williams, Jeff (Obafemi) - Obafemi creates a wide variety of artistic projects utilizing wood and/or metal as a medium. He has produced wall reliefs, sculpture, carvings and furniture for over 35 years.
Williams, Jeff(Obafemi) - Flash site with music that previews metal & wood wall sculptures.
Wilson, Malcolm - Surfboard collections in numbered, limited edition sets
Worick, Emmett - Exceptional gourd and woodwork artist.
Young, Drue - I do awesome oil paintings of the human figure and portraits in all settings.
Chernoshey, Vjacheslav - Vjacheslav Chernoshey is a Latvian contemporary craftsman who specialises in netsuke and small-scale sculptures. A member of the International Netsuke Society, Chernoshey works most often in wood and amber.
Hartsough, Philip - Philip Hartsough - limited edition, 3D wall sculptures utilizing multiple layers of varying thickness medium and high gloss resin finish.
Jacobs, David - Jacobs Modern specializes in unique items made to complete your modern decor. Find Paintings, 3D Art, Functional Art, Vases, Coasters, Clocks, Mirrors, and much more.
Kaccoufa, Theo - Sculpture, kinetic art and time based work by London based artist Theo Kaccoufa. Includes working drawings and models.
Kanby, Kanby - Kanby art is a website for viewing innovative art; especially woodcarvings from exotic wood.
Kernodle, Robert - Artist Robert Kernodle creates "The Art Of Turbulence", dynamic liquid flow paintings using modern fluid acrylics.
Lowndes, Philip - Handmade contemporary wooden automata. Complex wooden mechanisms drive subtle movements bringing emotion to the carved wooden figures.
North, Dug - Contemporary automata handmade with wood and metal. These quirky devices feature off-beat themes, animated figures, and ingenious mechanisms.
Sanchez, Juan - It's a computer sculpture, a make it with a milling machine controled by a computer.
Seggie, Sara - Canadian abstact mosaic artist, Sara Seggie, uses hand cut glass to create original wall art. The Burakkii Collection is modern, minimal, abstract and elegant.
Szabototh, Sheila - My fine art gallery: Oil paintings of astronomical images and landscapes, impasto textures, rich color, emotion, movement and more.
Voegtle, Petra - Asian style Woodcarving, Fiber Art and Photography - contemporary interpretation of ancient Asian art forms captured in wood and textiles.

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