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Ando, Adryan - The most complete romainian art site.
Barqawi, Manal - Art Bazzar for a different kind of art especially mosaic in ceramics, oil on canvas, and watercolors.
Beba, Tritan - Figurative paintings and drawings by the artist.
Biryukoff, Alexei - Official website of the Russian artist Alexei Biryukoff. Figurative art. Big scale male nudes and portraits. Contemporary realism. Naked Loneliness conceptual show. Digital Photography. News about recent exhibitions and art events
Bourrec, Vladimir - French/Norwegian artist Vladimir Bourrec exposes his latest colourful and expressive paintings.
Fiodorov, Oleg - This web-site includes paintings, drawings, and photo-works of the Russian painter Oleg Fiodorov.
Poyarkov, Sergey - Sergey Poyarkov's Online Gallery. Great modern science fiction and fantasy artist from Kiev, Ukraine
Prhal, Aleksandra - Yugoslavian artist Aleksandra Prhal works in oil on canvas, mixed media, collages, and drawings to create figurative art, cityscapes, and abstract paintings.
Sand, Mandy - Mr.Mandy Sand is an Israeli artist painter in realism fantastic style,well-known nationally and internationally.Tech.:oil,drawing,etching,pastel,etc
Sandor, Beate - .. an endless concept: circles, new drawings © beate sandor
Shteinberg, Inga - I. S. Fine Art Official Site is dedicated to Fine Arts, contemporary artist Inga Shteinberg and her works in Painting , Interior Design, Wall Painting Murals, Fresco,Glazing, Posters, Prints, Graphic Design and more....
Solórzano, Rubín - Rubin Solórzano is a contemporary painter painter. Homo Viator is name of his more recent works art.
Bigdowski, Robert - I am 24 years old and from Luxembourg. I put my works online.
Bostan, Dumitru - Contemporary oil paintings for sale. For prices and other details, please contact the artist.
Cerimagic, Muradif - Secrets of Balkan - East meets West Bosnian artist explains his view of our world: full of emotions, full of realism.
Constantin, Chirtoaca - Chirtoaca Constantin Has been born : Republic of Moldova , 6/24/1945,The Artist Formation : ( 1972 - 1976 ) - Art school « I.E.Repin «
Domagalska, Renata - Online gallery with original paintings by Renata Domagalska. Presents figurative paintings, including a series on flamenco dancing, portraits, nudes, cityscapes. Traditional techniques. Sale and order.
Fabler, Maga - Drawings and paintings. Realistic cat portraits, Italian landscapes (Venice, Umbria, Tuscany), more. Originals and giclee. You can buy my works online.
Popescu, Mario-Cezar - East European (Romanian) photographer. We sell mainly limited editions but we have some 'one-of-a-kind' prints too.
Stansfield, Robert - Contemporary art and classic sculptures

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