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Bordoni, Liliana - Liliana Bordoni, sculptor,lives and works at Rome. Her figurative style includes nudes, masks and heads classical and modern (glazed baked clays and bronzes) Featured!
Vagi, Tunde - So. California ceramic artist. Functional, modern, handbuilt pieces from porcelain and stoneware clay using RAKU and High fired techniques. Featured!
Ali, Kareem - Alexandria Virginia Artist Kareem Ali. Paintings and other works of art.
Baas, Gerlach - Ceramics. One-off pieces from the wheel. Both porcelain an stoneware are being used. The site includes technical information.
Balian, Neshan - Unique hand painted ceramic tiles,decorative tiles,tile murals and tile art from one of the oldest tile studios in the world. Designs by Neshan Balian.
Barqawi, Manal - Art Bazzar for a different kind of art especially mosaic in ceramics, oil on canvas, and watercolors.
Barton, Andrew - Figurative and abstract sculpture made with plastics, ceramics and other mixed media.
Bateson, Soo - Soo's site features painting ,sculptures, ceramics, hand papermaking,encaustic wax painting and many other innovative art practices. Paypal available.
Brown, Jeff - Contemporary wheel thrown and hand built stoneware and porcelain. My pottery is wood fired, and ash glazed, altered, and textured with geometric designs.
Brown, Karen - Contemporary sculpture using art and technology. Utilizing raku, anodized aluminum, cast acrylic, and holography.
Broyles, Michael - Examples of the digital fine art works created at Broyles Renderings, Inc.
Bryan, Ilona - art by UK artists including mosaic art, color woodcuts, acrylic and oil paintings watercolor landacapes in England and Romania, sculptures and limited editions
Burnett, Catherine - handbuilt sculptural ceramics representational of such things as a stormy sea, Marde Gras, a tear in time, the American flag, etc.
Burnett, Catherine - I create unusual, one of a kind, handbuilt pottery and sculpture. Each piece is as unique as a snowflake and will never be copied.
Butson, Suzanne Scott - A gallery, biography, and sales of ceramic art by Suzanne Scott Butson.
Calef, Nancy - I paint people (oil and 3D) in everyday situations while addressing cultural issues in our society. To create a more satiric and exaggerated style, I often break the plane of the canvas with sculpture and found objects.
Carroll, Kathy - Custom hand-painted ceramic tile murals for residential, commercial; or marine use. Tropical murals, seascapes, lighthouses, landscapes, palms trees, and marinelife.
Chafin, Ray - Images of people.
Chango, Minerva - Ceramic artist and studio potter making wheelthrown stoneware, functional, and contemplative pieces.
Clark, Claude - Claude Clark and Claude Lockhart Clark are father and son African American artist. Their artwork is about the common man and African exsperience.
Condell, Scott - This beautifully comprise site displays more than 100 of well known New York Artist, Scott Condell's Fine Arts oil paintings and stone and bronze. sculptures
Dabbert, Pat & Dave - Original multi-tiled porcelain wall sculptures and three dimensional vessels for corporate and residential environments.
Davidson, Dwight - Ceramic Sculpture icons, conceptually representing animal subject matter involved in human activities.
Dietz, Rinske - Ceramic art: one-off-a-kind pieces coiled, burnished and smoke-fired' along with works on paper, acrylic paintings and graphic art.
Finley, Hadiya - Website punctuated with Flash animation shows artwork from my MFA show as well as sculpture and painting being shown in galleries and public spaces
Fontinel, Sarah - Sarah Fontinel produces intricate and unique mosaic and glass artwork that is suitable for any size project, indoor/outdoor, gallery, architectural, corporate office, restaurant, hotel, community, or home.
Fort, Lucia - Exquisite ceramic tiles, murals, and sinks by artist Lucia Fort.
Glassborow, Stephen - London trained Australian Sculptor Stephen Glassborow exhibits a selection of his unique sculpture
Goichman, Esti - Contemporary ceramic sculpture by Esti Goichman for sale Works includes assorted techniques and materials Inspired by Tribal art.
Gregory, Waylande - Outdoor Sculptures of Waylande Gregory including life-size male and female nude preserving seed of life in case of an atomic holocaust.
Halldorsdottir, Gudrun - Ceramic sculptures with Nordic motifs by the artist.
Hawkins, Bev - Fish printings along with functional and wild pottery pieces. Acrylic paintings of stories also available.
Heinz, Regina - Regina Heinz has developed a special slab building technique and creates hand built sculptural ceramics, ceramic reliefs and wall pieces.
Johnson, Patrick - Clay sculptures that are figurative and include elements of nature and the landscape, including picture galleries, descriptions and articles about influential masters.
Karakashian, Hagop - An Armenian ceramic art continues to flourish in Jerusalem through the Karakashian family, who makes traditional hand painted ceramic tiles with animal and floral designs.
Khirwal, Rimjhim - Specializes in oil painting, charcoal and graphite pencil drawings, ceramic and marble sculpting, and Henna (mehndi) body painting.
Leinow, Leonardo - Leonardo Leinow's website is an exquisite display of his visual mastery combining Sacred Spirit, sensual erotic, masculine-feminine and Angelic forms within the Heart space.
LeVier, Karen - This site contains a sampling of artwork by Karen LeVier, which inclueds Raku pinch pots, vases, sculpture and computer art.
Lyszczarz, Stanislaw - Mosaics, ceramis and oil paintings of Stanislaw Lyszczarz
Maiers, Heidi - Portraits and figurative sculpture available by commission in clay or bronze. Based in Mesa, AZ.
Martin, Robert - See Robert Martin's Architecture Projects, and Artwork. He works with Ceramics, Paintings, Sculptures, and Computer Images. The site has links to art and architecture sources.
Martin, Robert - An exhibit of work by Robert L. Martin including ceramic assemblages, landscape paintings, digital photography, architectural design, & web page design. Links to artists' work & resources from around the world.
Mason, Penny - Michigan artist Penny Mason creates one-of-a-kind original whimsical figurative designs in clay and cloth based on stories, everyday people and her imagination.
Melita, Lisa - Primitive Asian, African and Native American inspired ceramic and mixed media vessels.
Melita, Lisa - Primitive Asian, African and Native American inspired ceramic and mixed media vessels.
Parson, Dennis - Denius Art, sculptures, paintings, custome made objects in wood and clay
Paxton-Hill, Kathryn - Muralist and commission works. Studies of wildlife,plants, animals, birds, butterfilies, etc. Also an interest in painting figurative works and portaits.
Pendenza, Lori - Sculptural art pottery, burnished smoke fired ceramic vessels, glazed functional ware, handmade tiles and other ceramic works, T-shirts for potters.
Poulton, Irene - Images of my ceramic sculptures, a short biography, several Glaze recipes, and a links page to other related sites.
Ramsby, Kathryn - Lyrical figure sculptures by Kathryn Ramsby capture emotive states in delicate forms. Original and limited editions available, commissions for fine art and portrait sculpture accepted.
Raybould, Susan - Utilizing ceramics as a canvas allows the artist to explore the depths and varying perspectives of an image in a single peice of wildlife art.
Reid, Sukey - Handmade garden ladies, signed by the artist. Perfect for the garden or a sunroom. Personable and collectable.
Roy, Oorbee - New York City based Artist specializing in geometric abstraction. Portfolio also includes still life, figures and pottery.
Schneider, Luana - You may view my artwork and purchase at my sister site. From acrylics to sculptural to tile and more.
Towne, Maggie - Maggie Towne is a ceramic figurative sculptor and potter. Some of the work has been produced in bronze as well. also. She has been making art and teaching for close to 30 years.
Weaver, Bill - Tin glazed earthenware that is made from hand built and thrown and assembled parts. All work is made for everyday use.
Wight, Deb - Original mosaic art from fine art gallery pieces to architectural and public mosaics.
Williams, Christopher - The Raku Pottery of Christopher Williams. Odd, unique, innovative, or just plain weird, that is all up for the viewer to decide.
Aberg, Charlotte - Contemporary painting, photography, drawing, ceramic installations & multimedia.
Acampora, Elisabetta - This site is dedicated to paintings and other works of art by the dutch expressive artist Elisabetta Acampora.
Baxter, Stephen - An eclectic selection of contemporary australian paintings , prints , & ceramics.
Bonnette, Jolie - A domain featuring the online gallery of Pagan artist Jolie E. Bonnette, the Art Protection League and MORE!
Chiuchiolo, Cindy - Cindy Chiuchiolo carves traditional clay forms, transforming them into metaphor. She peels away clay like the surface of the earth to find what lies beneath. She is also a writer.
Colucci, Bruno - Handbuilt Stoneware Sculpture, Fused Glass.
Cowan, SueEllen - Gallery and sales of artworks of SueEllen Cowan.
Edo Mengibar, Emilio - Virtual oilpaintings gallery of Emilio Edo Mengibar from Castellon Spain
Fox, Bernadine - My work is focussed on and rooted in the experience of being female in our contemporary world.
Hoeboer, Pauline - Dutch ceramic artwork and pottery. Wheelthrown and slip-cast in porcelain and earthenware.
Hofstaedter, D. Franchi - Handmade ceramic mosaics and tiles celebrating the feminine spirit by Bucks County artist, D. Franchi Hofstaedter.
Howell, Ryan - Unusual modern artwork using expressive lines,realism,and imagery to show dreams. The art is very figurative and shows a story or idea about our modern society.
Jegen, Els - To move and to be moved from pictures, design, sculptur, audiovisuell, multimedia, writing, movement, PowerPoint Presentations, literatur, poetry, lyricism,
Judy, Mary - All one-of-a-kind original art in several mediums with tons of color and fun... ceramic vessels, lizards, bowls and much more.

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