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Paolozzi, Gianfranco - I call my work COLLAGEMENTS = COLLAGE of moMENTS. Compositions of photographed points in time merged together. Featured!
Advani, Marina - MARINA ADVANI displays her photo-collage of individuals juxtaposed against tableaux incorporating geographical vistas, architecture, design elements and images from the undersea and animal worlds combined into seamless works of art.
Almaguer, Juana - My paintings focus primarily on the male figure, giving viewer "a piece of the whole" in these paintings. I use traditional Chinese Ink Painting materials
Augustynowicz, Artur - Art with an attitude. We are here to amuse, abuse, and confuse. An online gallery inspired by a free whelling spirit of anarchy and dada.
Ayala, Mauricia - Artwork created from stones by artist Mauricia Ayala.
Bedat, Céline - Welcome on the official web site of the french artist Céline Bedat.
Bell, Jason Robert - An archive of The work and ideas of Jason Robert Bell, Texas born, New York based, Yale Mfa, Supergenius.
Beltrame, Alessandro - Pictures, images, and other alchemies in the works of Alessandro Beltrame.
Bestmann, Wulf Peter - Online Gallery with Art and Erotic Art in german and english
Blandford, Anna - My web site is a unique look at my work and how it came about. There are not only finished works, but work from my sketchbook.
Burke, Kristin - Costume Design, Mail Art, Fine Art, wacky Holiday card photos
Bush, Ruth - custom decorative and fine art for the interior design market,including residential, commercial and corporate, hotel, casino and hospitality industry
Ceballos, Begoña - The paintings of Ceballos, with literary texts and selected links
Celeste, Madeliene - paper collage & mixed media with acrylic paints
Chipman, Jack - My work is two-fold: 1.Paintings that I call "rippings" because they are completed paintings that are then rippied and reassembled into new compositions. 2.Assemblage constructions, usually small scale, using found and/or collectible objects.
Corjan, I.C. - Surrealistic digital pictures
Da Campo, Enrico - Da Campo Enrico,italian painter from Italy; galleries.
Demarjian, Haig - Haig Demarjian's gonzo dadaist correspondence art tributes to old horror movie icons. One-thousand rubberstampings as well as the world's first online palindromic comic book.
DIAKO, DIAKO - The international contemporary painter Diako, presents his last work : mixed medias paintings. Usefull inforamtions, next exhibitions and biography about the artist who is now represented in most major public collections.
Doupovec, Radek - Collages and Digital Collages
Elmarakbi, Nesrin - My art gallery is acrylic, water color, gouache, fashion, mixed media, collage art, pastel, and more. You invited to my art gallery at:
Fedro, Thomas - Internationally collected artist, Thomas C. Fedro. Best known for his work with Second City and Rent.
Gibbs, Gale - Contemporary artwork and collage paintings using acrylics and mixed media.
Gischer, Rob - Three dimensional painter searches for the fourth spatial dimension in painting.
Giunta, Joseph - Joseph Giunta Canadian Artist Painter. Oil paintings, mixed media Abstract Collage Assemblages 70 years of Creativity! Profile of Giunta with Art Gallery Museum.
glinka, werner - Visual mantras
Golinski, Michal - Mixed media art, combining digital art, photography and natural media such as acrylics, pastels, etc. Prints for sale.
Hamm, Patricia - Patricia Mayhew Hamm's Artistic Innovations is dedicated to the use of bold colors in a non-symmetrical, impressionistic fashion.
Hanson, Stephen & Carol - View the unusual architectural collages of Stephen Hanson, as well as colorful streetscenes by Carol Hanson. One will find a wide range of artwork here, from these Colorado artists,including Religious suject matter, as well, as still lifes, abstracts, and florals. Come and see our work!
Hawkins, Bev - Fish printings along with functional and wild pottery pieces. Acrylic paintings of stories also available.
Hildinger, Deborah L. - Original digital imagery, pastels, and paintings by Deborah L. Hildinger. Artist incorporates an intuitive approach to her autobiographical contemporary images of still lifes, portraits, and landscapes.
HLAVACEK CEJKA, Josef - painting,graphics,design,woodblock, print,colour,color,linocut,art, computer-graphics,oil,canvas,acrylic,drawing, draw,flash,animation,interactive, designer,mexican,czech,europe,museum, decorative,image,picture,donation,prague
Hoo, Eddie - Unique botanical collages, batik, and bamboo paintings.
Ivanova, Paulina - Paulina Ivanova's portfolio
Jansen, Michael - Individual Mythology Research Assemblage Colorfield-Paintings Music Artificial-Landscapes Inventions Education Art-Expeditions Sculptures Murals Poems
Jones, Helen - Dolce-Play Gallery core purpose is to promote, to the widest possible audience, the talent of contemporary visual artists practicing mainly in Greater Manchester UK.
Joyce, Karen - Studio Space / Online Exhibit and Café
Kaminski, June - Visionary Art for Mystical Inspiration and Musing.
Kazakos, Elizabeth - Abstract Paintings and Illustrations
Kolb, Kathi - Contemporary photo landscapes & panorama, seasonal nature & rural scenes, florals and photo collage, vernacular architecture, taken in New England and France.
Kostyal, Andrea - Abstract Expressionism a la Hans Hoffman by a Hungarian artist living in Atlanta, GA.
Lehocky, Patrice - An eclectic mix of photos and photo collages.
Lewis, Barr - Mixed media works which are colorful and bold by artist Barr Lewis. An eclectic yet cohesive collection with works ranging from small original pieces at small prices to larger more intensive creations of intriquing content and style.
Lewis, Peter - Chopped-up pop culture paper collage - surreal, psychedelic, witty, strange, cute.
Linius, Brita - Danish painter working with flowers in a new, expressive AcrylicCollage technique.
London, Marlene - Marlene London creates multi-layered, thick, rich, juicy oil, wax and mixed-media pieces.
Lopez, Paula - Personal online gallery of Paula Lopez, Bolivian abstract painter.
Lutter, Julia -
Mauerman, David - Graphic Artist with traditional art skills.
Mayfield, Tufani - Mixed media abstracts inspired by the mythology and mystical practices of ancient cultures. China, India, Egypt. Reproductions and surface design services available.
McGory, Mac - Original and unusual art work made with real butterflies.
McLarty, Beverly - albums of some of my work
Montagner, Esther Glina - Moving abstracts thought provoking collages make this contemporary artist one to watch.
Moss, Allen - lyrical...MATERIAL...madness. In FAMOSSART, the idiosyncrisities of Pop Culture are intimately engaged with a sense of lyrical enlightment.
Nikkal, Nancy - artist studio, contemporary fine arts gallery, abstract paintings, prints, digital works and collage by Tenafly, NJ artist Nancy Egol Nikkal, original art works for sale
Patterson, Geneva - Geneva paints scenes near home in the Low Country (SC) and from her travels, mostly the U.S., Caribbean and Europe. Inquire about portraits (possible from photographs) or areas of your particular interest.
Perdue, Justin - Justin Perdue's paintings, mixed-media collages, and constructions are abstract, modernist works with figurative content.
Plowman, Randel - Contemporay prints, paintings, collage and drawing by Randel Plowman
Prindle, Lee - Black and White Infrared photography, resume, links, IR film information
Randall, Scott - The dada and abstract artwork of Scott Ray Randall. Galleries, exhibition info, and more.
Rene, Tina - Mixed-media photography, digital painting and collage, traditional mixed-media, painting and collage, prints and originals, metalsmithing-jewelry
Rene, Tina - Mixed-media photography, digital painting and collage, traditional mixed-media, painting and collage, prints and originals, metalsmithing-jewelry
Rosner, Amy - Innovative expressionist mixed watermedia and collage paintings emphasizing natural themes. Prints, greeting cards, and hand-painted silks also available.
Schraft, Susan - Susan’s work finds its path towards the organic and measured with a feeling for the human psyche. Mixed medium and collage is her method of work as it allows for exploration and “moments of chance”.
Sorensen, David - Experience more of God through this powerful christian art. Discover more of his love, power and glory. See how this art helps you live a happier and better life...
Specht-Picchio, Dieter - Many creative ideas of modern paintings, abstract, and impressionistic visions focusing on the landscape and villages of Southern Switzerland.
Stephanus, Berni - Over 1000 collages and paintings and street art
Sturgill, Lori - Mixed media painting and collage.
Tal, Kali - Unusual mixed-media with American and African roots. Collage, assemblage, and mosaic comprise postmodern primitive works made of circuit boards, skulls, furniture, traditional materials.
Thomson, Douglas - Scottish figurative and landscape painter in an expressionist style working in oils.
Thurow, Christine - A mixture of abstraction, realism, and expressionism. Very lovely works available; commissions accepted.
Toball, Silas - Goblin Design is the exceptional site about art, illustration and design of the visionary artist Silas Toball.
toke, michael - conceptual art venue> view video challenge painting
Tracy, Kevin - Found images appropriated from magazines of popular culture using traditional and experimental techinques to form collages that reveal a surprising depth of color and texture.
Troppy, Daniel - Daniel Troppy is a self taught folk artist from Atlanta.
Turcot, Mireille - From Africa to animals passing by still life, portrait and landscape, my painting goes from representational to abstraction without stopping.
Walker, Robin Ann - Explore the visual feast of contemporary original art by Texas artist Robin Ann Walker. Galleries include abstract expressions, impressionistic landscapes, mixed media collages, and still life vignettes. Special gallery showcases hotel installations.
Wankewycz, Ginger - Original linoleum block prints and origami creations by Cleveland Artist Ginger Wankewycz.
Wilson, Kevin - Gallery of surreal dream inspired photography, digital artwork and flash movies.
Wrentmore, Mairyann - I depict the stories of mytic gods and goddesses. My art work is a combination of sculpture and collage.
Zinno, Daniel - My process is a journey, an exploration rather than creation. Each panel I begin, whether wood or canvas, has a unique character not yet identified.
Zwack, Annemarie - Paintings, bodyprints, murals, and fiber art by artist Annemarie Zwack.
Bigdowski, Robert - I am 24 years old and from Luxembourg. I put my works online.
Carambia, Alejandra - Drawings and Xilographies
Henderson, Lindsey - Wearable art, acrylic and multi-media abstract paintings, soapstone and clay sculpture, photography
Hess, Samitha - Handmade One of a Kind Artwork, Paintings, Jewelry, Purses, and Gifts for all Occassions. Be the voice for the animals: 20% of animal related art pieces is donated to local animal shelter.
Marrow, Melanie - A variety of contemporary styles in several different media. Fresh imagery and beautiful designs. Contact the artist to purchase original works and photographs at reasonable prices.
Morgan, Suzette - The paintings of Suzette M. Morgan combine the traditions of surrealism, symbolism and visionary art in a unique and vibrant manner.
Owen, Thomas - The fine art of painter Thomas S. Owen. Portraits, Cityscapes, Abstracts and other styles in a variety of media.
Tobey, Alton - The site features over 400 murals, historial paintings, portraits and modern works of Alton Tobey (1914-2005), plus his extensively illustrated biography.
Weiss, Döm - Art of illusion, hidden or revealed truth, the collagistes fictions spread unsuspected horizons of life. Welcome on imaginary world!
Williams, Kenneth - A collage of images and events done in mixed media.

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