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, Zoom O - Stone Sculptures, One of a kind. I start with one rock and end up with one sculpture. Highly polished abstract work, veiwable from 360 degrees.
Brouwn, Hortence - Hortence Brouwn, a modern sculptress: The inner feelings of the human being come to expression in movement and attitude. That is what I express in my work.
Felton, Julianne - Original fine art featuring Florida landscapes in acrylics, oils, and watercolors.
Martin, Ron - I work in wood, clay, and stone. All art is southwestern. I work with chissels and mallot only.
Naepflin, Gisela - Contemporary Designer Jewelry made with Murano Glass, Turquoise, Corals, Gold, Silver and Steel
St John, Paula - Exhibiting original pieces by artist and accepting commissions by both private and corporate accounts
Rándich Odría, Joao - Artistic portfolio by Joao Rándich Odría, digital dark and surreal art.

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